Monday, May 23, 2011

What's up Docs?

We've had several doctors appointments within the past month or so and I've yet to blog about any of them. Let's play catch up, shall we? Brody & Kylee had their annual follow up with the pediatric eye doctor. It was just the three of us and it was so fun! I love getting out with just one or two of them by myself, it's special bonding time as well as a feeling of independence for me not having to use a stroller. Nobody takes pictures of us, we don't get many questions, nothing. It's nice to have that feeling of being normal every once in a while.

Kylee, Dudu & Brody

I used to absolutely DREAD going to this particular doctor. They had to be seen several times within weeks of being released from NICU. I'll never ever forget those early days and having to wait in the waiting room with my 5lb preemies and being absolutely terrified of the germs surrounding us... if a fear of germs would have given me a heart attack, I would have dropped right then and there (I know you other preemie moms know what I'm talking about!). I had their seats covered with blankets and was literally afraid of them breathing the same air as the "big kids" around them for fear they could catch something. Now that they're older and my germaphobia disorder (haha) has subsided a bit I let them actually play in the waiting room with the other kids! After 2 hours of dilating and sitting and being examined they both checked out fine and don't have to be seen for another year! Here's a pic of Brody and Kylee checking out the cool tools before the doc came in.

Our next two patients were Korbin and Baxlyn. They were seen by Dr. Roberts, the developmental pediatrician, and impressed her, like always. This was the longest they had gone since being born without seeing her, 6 months. Korbin is right on track for actual age and Baxlyn was above, scoring at 30months on most areas!!! They don't have to be seen for another YEAR! Here's Baxlyn showing off her picture recognition skills...

My little man and little lady sitting on the curb checking out their stickers!
Up next was the dentist with all four. This was our first time to go into an appointment stroller free, it was challenging, but we did it! So many people are shocked I already take them to the dentist. This was their 3rd appointment actually (4th for the Korb). We were told by our docs that because they were preemies, they were at higher risk for complications and that they need to be seen at a year adjusted. We've taken them back every 6 months and they've done great every time. Kylee was a little apprehensive the second we walked in the door and said "aw done, aw done. awmost done...awwwmost" trying so hard to talk me in to believing we were indeed all done with this place! The dental hygienists always take them 2 at a time. 2 go in one room to be evaluated and cleaned while the other 2 go in another and then they all come together to see the dentist. Brody and Kylee have the hardest time relaxing to let Dr. Brister take a peek inside, Baxlyn on the other hand jumps right up there like she owns the place! He warned us (which we already knew) we for sure have braces in our future and we need to start saving now...yikes...braces X 4... what age can we put them to work?! Beseides being a little crooked and crowded, their teeth all look great. He did tell us that he has a feeling Baxlyn is missing a tooth. She's a late teether, they all are actually, so we haven't thought much about her not having all of her incisors yet. He said he could be wrong, it may show up eventually, but based on the looks of her gums he wouldn't be surprised if it's not there at all. Luckily it's a bottom tooth, so it shouldn't be too noticeable if it is missing. Time will tell! Korbin was looked at a little closer because of his incident a little while back. We hit the good side of the 50/50 chance and I am SO happy to say his tooth has survived! I've gotten used to it being out of place now and I'm just so happy it die altogether. Missing a top front tooth would have been a big deal to this momma!

Therapy wise (ECI), we've had lots of success and changes! Korbin just graduated from Speech while Brody and Kylee just said good bye to their Developmental Specialist! Thanks soo so much for all you've done Ms. Lindsey & Ms. Lauren!

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  1. Allright great news sounds like everything is pretty much on track. Love "ya" all.


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