Sunday, November 6, 2011

Cox Quads and Six Flags 2011

We loaded up and headed to Six Flags for the 2nd time with the quads. What was supposed to be an hour drive, because of insane construction and traffic, ended up being nearly a 3 hour drive. That's hours of hearing "I readdyyy... I readdyyy.. I readyyyy!" from the backseat. Not Fun. We eventually made it and were able to enjoy our day with our friends! Chris and Bethany drove to meet us and help us out with our army of little people (thanks again guys!) Here's Daddy making sure everyone is set before we take off!

Upon entering we were spotted by Bugs Bunny & Daffy Duck. All morning we had told them we were gonna go see Bugs Bunny to which they'd excitedly reply "I pet the bunny?! I pet the bunny?!" Bugs and Daffy decided to take a seat on the wagon with the quads....yeah...not such a great idea. Since last year, Baxlyn is the only one who has overcome that fear. Korbin's face pretty much sums up what the other three thought of the whole situation...
We quickly got the heck outta there and headed to the swings, they LOVED the swings last year and didn't want to leave them, so surely that would help. The side of the ride closest to the onlookers was filled with other kids so we sat Brody, Baxlyn, Kylee & Korb around the back side. Once the ride started and our foursome swung around towards us, this is what we saw...

The girls came first and were all smiles, the boys, not so much! Each time they came flying around we heard the entire crowd around us say "awwwwwwww!" Once the ride was over the girls begged to ride again while the boys could hardly breathe enough to say a word. Lol!
We figured we'd better stick to the rides where we adults could ride with them due to the TWO traumatizing experiences the boys just had back to back. Our next stop was the hot air balloon ride that slowly took us up into the air and back down again. Here's Bethany and I with Brody, Kylee and an uncooperative B.

Bret and Korbin taking a look as Bret explains the ride, how it is NOT scary and pumps him up about how much FUN he is about to have... (fingers crossed, right?!)

Before we launched...Baxlyn & Mommy

Kylee and her "Bethie". Bethany was Kylees number one priority all day and made sure she stuck with her buddy at all times!

The HAPPY boys headed up to the sky with Daddy & Chris (aka "Uncle Piss" again, unfortunate 2 year old lingo)

Korbin & Baxlyn helping Daddy push the choo through the park.

Kylee & Brody had a blast lagging behind and enjoyed the freedom to roam in every direction! Below Kylee with Mommy & Brody with Bethie.
Bret, Korbin & Baxlyn watching as the BIG train went by!
The 8 of us riding the big train. Baxlyn sat in my lap just long enough for a picture and then scooched her way over to her daddy's lap. I must be un-cool lately... they want nothing to do with me when other people are around :(

Me: "B you wanna sit with Mommy?!" B: "Nope."

Taking a little food and dance break before seeing the rest of the park!

Us adults switched off quad-sitting so we could ride some big kid rides. Below is Chris showing them the big ride he and Bret were about to ride. (Can I take a moment to point out the girls legs....holy moly.... they're gonna be as tall as me by the time they're 4!)

They didn't think much of Daddy & Chris walking away to go ride the ride. We stayed right there and danced to some music and watched rides from afar while we waited to see Bret & Chris and the top of their ride waving down.
As they enjoyed themselves Bethany and I kept a close eye on the Shock Wave, the ride that Bret and Chris were on. After a few minutes, right above our heads, high in the sky, we saw Bret waving his heart out from the front car of the ride. We quickly got the babies and pointed up "Look at Daddy, look at Daddy!!!! Look Looook!" They clearly saw their Daddy waving from the Heavens and they all FREAKED. All four of them BAWLED their poor hearts out, Korbin being the most dramatic! Bethany and I scooped up a couple and tried to console them as fast as we could while onlookers watched and giggled at the chaos we just walked ourselves into!

They continued to cry until Bret & Chris came walking back from the ride and when they did the quads RAN to greet them. Bethany and I went up immediately after the guys and waved from the top of the ride while the babies looked up. I was secretly hopeful to be greeted with huge hugs and tears of thankfulness that I was alive when I returned but was once again, let down. The guys said me being way up there didn't phase them a bit and Kylee only asked if Bethany was coming back once. Thanks yall. Carry you for 6 months looking like an albino acne covered beached whale and that's the love you show me? I love that you love your daddy, really I do, but come on!

Before heading out we enjoyed a funnel cake, ok 2 funnel cakes, and Baxlyn got the nerve to meet Bugs and few other characters for the first time. While the other 3 watched with tears from the wagon, Baxlyn and I walked over to take a few pics.

What Baxlyn does, Korbin will usually do. He decided he *cautiously* wanted to meet Tweety Bird too!

Next year I'll have to pull out these pictures of their bravery in hopes that they all will take a picture together with a character or two!

Stay tuned.. a trip to the zoo!

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