Sunday, October 31, 2010

Happy Halloween!

Hope you all had a GREAT Halloween!

Thursday, October 28, 2010

My beautiful farm babies...

A sneak peak at our Halloween costumes this year.... prepare your heart for a good melting :]
Brody. My Love. My Little Moo-Cow.

Baxlyn. My Diva. My Little Pink Pig.

Kylee. My Angel. My Precious Little Lamb.
Korbin. My Man. My Little (not feeling well at all) Baby Chicken.
Oh... you know there's WAY more to come :]
Hope you all have a happy SAFE Halloween!

Tuesday, October 26, 2010

B's belly button lesson for the Broman...

"See Brody, this is my belly button..."
"this ones yours..."




"you SEE mine? now point to yours...."

"WhAt?! That's not what I taught you!""dang it...."

Friday, October 22, 2010

Halloween's Coming!!!

Get out your broomsticks, your cauldrons and bats
your pumpkins and candy and tall pointy hats!
Our costumes are cute, we know they'll be a hit
but for now, bubba-toothed Baxlyn is all you will get!
Happy Friday Everyone!

Monday, October 18, 2010

One Determined Little Girl...

Although Kylee isn't yet walking she has been practicing hard at balancing and taking steps when holding your hands and now... trying to stand! Here's a video of our little determined baby girl trying to stand up on her own. You can see her CP makes it hard for her left side to cooperate but she's getting there none the less! Also, notice Brody standing on his own in the background. He just learned this over the past two weeks or so too! (Excuse the poor quality, it was taken with the cell.)

So proud Kylee, love you :]

-Mommy & Daddy

Friday, October 15, 2010

Our second home... the ZOOOOO!

Lately, we have been addicted to the zoo! I love getting the babies out in this great weather and the zoo is the perfect place, not too busy during the days, the babies can look at and learn about the animals and best of all - WE FIT! This trip to the zoo was extra special. Joining us we had one of the babies' NICU nurses, Carrie, Addie & Alex, who were with the quads in NICU and a new friend who was two years old, Ford.

Carrie & Brody splashing in the water!

Looking at the goats and otters!

Lunch time! L-R Korbin, Brody, Alex, Addie, Kylee & Baxlyn

It was SO awesome to see all of these babies together. They were all side by side in the NICU and went through some rough days together. Addie & Alex were born at an early 23weeks gestation weighing only 1lb 4oz and 1lb 9oz. Today they are happy healthy babies and Alex can run like the WIND! Ugh... M I R A C L E S, all I can say!

A & A and Addie with Kylee

How sweet is this one on the left?! Korbin with Carrie!

Korbin with Addie feeding the goats & B showing Addie her seat belt...

Brody with the Lion... SO COOL!

Here Kitty Kitty Kitty! Baxlyn with the Lion.
Kisses from Kylee!
...and a BIG yawn for Korbin!

Thanks again to our friends for going with us, it was one of our best zoo trips so far!

Monday, October 11, 2010

A stroll down memory lane...

Last week I had an appointment with Dr. Leveno, who delivered the quads. Bret and the babies came along so we could visit our nurses and doctors! Below L-R Brody Baxlyn (who had better things to do) Kylee & Korbin on the couch in Leveno's office...

With Dr. Leveno

A stop by Labor & Delivery

As we headed out, we stopped at the sky bridge and let the babies free! They loved it and it was neat to seem them roam the halls I once spent a lot of time in while pregnant with them.
Kylee & NICU Nurse Kristin
Korbin & Kristin
Love this - Brody & Dad
Before heading home we stopped by the lab so Kylee could have her blood drawn. The nurses gave Kylee a sticker on her way out along with a handful of others for the other babies to have. I asked Bret if he thought we could let her have it in the car (she still eats everythinnnnnggg) we decided she could and we would just "keep an eye on her". Chyea right! I look back within minutes of taking off and she had devoured the majority of her sticker...

Saturday, October 9, 2010

The Dirty The Dreaded RSV!

Well, it's official. It is now RSV season. We are SO thankful our babies have been SUPER healthy since being discharged from the hospital and we don't feel the need to be strict this year when it comes to RSV. The babies did not qualify for synagis this year (the monthly shots they received last year to help protect them against RSV) which is bitttersweet... boo they don't get the extra protection but yay because they don't neeeeeed the extra protection this year!

Although we are not asking as much as last year from our visitors, we are asking that you keep from coming over if you are/have been sick within the last week or have someone who is in your household who has been. Also, upon entering our house we ask that you wash and sanitize your hands. We (THANK GOD!) are not doing "lockdown" this year and still plan on attending church and other small outings as long as the babies are healthy.

To other moms of newborns (preemie OR full-term), moms of multiples, or anyone unfamiliar with RSV I encourage you to CLICK HERE to check out the blog I wrote last year explaining what RSV is and additional links with more in depth info on the nasty virus. The more aware we are, the healthier all babies will be!

See the RSV trends for YOUR state by clicking HERE!
Here's to a happy healthy season!

Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Bye Bye Bottles - Hello Sippy Cups!

We went down to just two bottles a day with no problem a few months ago and the babies took to the sippy cups just fine. With sippy cups they tend to drink an ounce or so and throw the cup at my head so we kept the morning bottle and evening bottle to ensure they got their vitamin D. This morning after watching them drink a few ounces of their milk and proceed to drip it out (once again) onto the floor that I try desperately to keep clean, I told them "THAT'S IT. THEY'RE GONE! NO MORE BOTTLES!" I quickly got to work giving all of the bottles one last wash and ready to find new homes. While washing the what felt like millions of bottles, nipples, and rings, I thought to myself am I sure I want to do this? this is a BIG part of "babyhood" I'm about to give up out of mainly frustration. THEY are ready for this but am I??? I have to admit, as silly as it sounds, I fought back a few tears as I packed them away not knowing if I'll ever use bottles again. Just as I was starting to feel sad about a small chapter that was ending in our lives a friend texted me "Just remember the fact that you can do this is because they are here :)" Instantly I smiled and knew she was exactly right... thanks for keepin' me in line, Amy ;)

Along with the bottles I realized our faithful crock pot could retire as well. This thing has been running on warm literally 24 hours a day 7 days a week (besides our trip to Kentucky this summer) since the babies came home. Thanks ole crock pot for being there for us! May you Rest In Peace... in the kitchen cabinet, that is!

I feel pretty good about this decision and think it will go over just fine.... Korbin's Monkey (passy) is our next issue, which I'm sure will be a COMPLETELY different experience :/

If any of you moms have dealt with ditchin' the beloved passy, feel free to offer advice!

Sunday, October 3, 2010

The Sweetest Kiss...

Baxlyn & Brody :]
Hope you're all havin' a "sweet" weekend!
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