Monday, January 31, 2011

A Surprise in the Land of Oz!

This weekend 11 (and a half!) couples ran far from their children for a weekend getaway to Kansas. We traveled from all over the US all to wish one of our fellow quad mommas, Monica Graf, a happy 30th birthday! Billy, Moni's husband, has been planning this surprise bash for months and did a phenomenal job getting all of us all there without Moni finding out - husband of the year let me tell ya!

13 Moms 55 Kids and 1 Unique Bond
Jenn, Sandra, Jac, Birthday Girl Moni, Gen, Kami, Mari
Heather, Beth, Casey, AmyJo, Suz and Charity!
Thanks again to Billy for making this all happen and a special thanks to the many babysitters who watched all of the kids so we could all get away! Happy Birthday Moni! We Love You!

Monday, January 24, 2011

Parrish Photography

We were fortunate enough to have a winter photo shoot with Chuck Parrish and our pictures turned out incredible, as they always do! It seems like yesterday he came to do their newborn session and here we are approaching their 2nd birthday! To learn more about Chuck Parrish Photography and to see more of his flawless work, view his website by clicking here or check out his facebook page here!
L-R Korbin Kylee Brody Baxlyn
Sweet Kylee and her killer smile (and her wipe, of course)!
My handsome nephew John
Korbin and his leaf. It's the simple things in life...
I absolutely adore this picture of Kylee...
Thank you again, Chuck Parrish, for using your remarkable talent to give us pictures we will value forever!

Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Quads Go To School!

Yep, the quads had their very first adventure at SCHOOL! One of my best friends, Bethany, is a computer foundations teacher at an elementary school. She teaches pre-k through 4th grade - the girl is a trooooper! Since the babies were born her fellow co-workers (and students) have supported us, prayed for us, and followed our blog. On Monday they had a teacher work day (no kids come to school) and Bethany thought it would be a great idea for me to bring the babies up to meet everyone!
The school was so clean, well decorated and SOOO organized, it brought me back to my childhood days. I always ALWAYS wanted to be two things growing up... a Mommy and a Teacher. For now this Mommy thing's kinda got me tied up so I'll hold off on my teaching degree ;) Everyone was so friendly and greeted the babies with hugs, high fives and smiles. It was so cool for me to finally meet some of the people who have supported us since day one!
Our first stop was the library. We pulled in the choo choo wagon and within seconds the babies spotted all of the books and stuffed animals on the shelves. Mrs. Melody & Ms. Sandra insisted the babies get out, explore, and play with all of the books and animals they wanted! From the library, we ditched the wagon (YAY! FOR FOUR WALKERS!) and went cruising the hallways to see what else we could find. Seeing the tiles on the wall Brody yells "Caca! Caca!" he just knew they were giant crackers! Up next was the cafeteria. Seeing this made me realize holy cow, my babies toddlers will be in school soon :(
From the cafeteria, we headed to "Aunt" Bethany's computer classroom. How cute are they lined up at their computers with headphones on?! Look at all these computers and imagine each chair with a four/five year old sitting in it....crazy! I can't tell you how many cute stories I've heard from Bethany when it comes to teaching little kids all about computers! Hats off to you, Bethany, really!
Love this one of Baxlyn getting serious about her work "Back off Mom, I'm busy!"
From the cool computer class we headed to a pre-k class with chairs a little more suitable for kids their size!
By this time, Miss Thang here knew just what she was doin' and led us down the halls arms crossed and everything! Bret taught her this a few weeks ago and she does it time to time... this time she was just too cool for school ;) It's seriously hilarious watching a 2 and half foot lil' girl try to walk with her arms crossed!!!!!
...and lil' bit led us right to the gym! Here's teeny weeny Brody flashing us a huge smile from (almost) center court!
Everyone needs a little hydration after an intense workout in the gym...
Up next - music class! They loved playing with the instruments but it was a tad bit dangerous having four sticks flying around so we didn't stay long.
After some good tunes we visited the principals office where, clearly, Korbin was not a fan :(
No worries, Mrs. Leigh came to the rescue knowing that nothing takes the tears away like getting to punch numbers on a fax machine! Thanks Mrs. Leigh!!!!
Last but not least, and one of my favorites... The Quad Squad School Safety Patrol! They let each one wear their own safety patrol vest and stand out on the curb and pretend to "direct traffic". The babies thought this was great, each one with a HUGE smile! Korbin had a stop sign a little too heavy to actually hold up, to him it was a perfect broom!
That was our day and a quick glance into the future and what school will *hopefully* be like for these fours sweet loves of mine. In one short year (their 3rd birthday) the quads will be dropped from ECI and the wonderful therapies ECI has to offer. BOOOOOOO! From there they will most likely qualify for preschool classes that are held in our local elementary school..... C R A Z Y - they were J U S T born! Not sure if I will ever get over the shock factor on how fast they grow, it's truely insane!
I want to give a special thanks to the sweet staff at Bethany's school who let us roam and play that day and most of all for your never ending support!

Saturday, January 15, 2011

Rewind: Christmas 2010

We're finally on the mend around here, thank God! It's been a week of fussiness, fevers, medicines and snot. I have found myself caught up on dishes and housework and the laundry is well... moving, so I thought I would take a few to rewind and fill you in on our Christmas! With the babies being just under 2 (ohmygoodness!) Bret and I took it easy on the gifts, knowing they still didn't "get it". Christmas Eve after the quads went down, we lined up their little Disney chairs that had been waiting in the garage for some time. After several trips to Toys R Us, letting them rock in these chairs that were on display, and having to PEEL them out of them, we knew this is what Santa would bring this year. Disney Princesses for the girls and Mickey Mouse for the boys, of course!

Christmas morning the babies walked/crawled out to the living room to find their new thrones - they LOVED them! I even got in on video, hoping to put together a montage like last year, but this momma is short on time these days :( Brody, immediately seeing Mickey on the chair, with a smile on his face yelled "DuuuuDuuuuuuuu!" They each sat in their chairs and were as content as could be! Below is a picture of Kylee, in her princess chair, feeding her baby with her new baby bottle. ADORABLE!

After a good breakfast we loaded up and headed to Aunt Beth's to spend the rest of the day with family. Despite getting a fantabulous new camera for Christmas, I failed to take a lot of pictures... boo. With the babies into everything lately, it was a little hectic to say the least. Between the gifts, food, and biggest temptation of all, the Christmas tree, us adults were on guard all day long! Here's one of Brody eyeing out his first gift (diapers by the way - woohoo!).

Momma & Broman

Baxlyn Hope

Korbin and his new rocking horse!
I was a little surprised this year. I thought they would be a little more into the presents then they were. They just ran around enjoying all the extra attention and playing in the paper and bows! One would open a gift and they would be content and have no desire to open any more.

That is until they laid their eyes on this......
the REACTION D2 Duel Cyclonic Dirt Devil Junior
Yes ladies and gentleman, that was the most prized possession this year. It was originally bought for Korbin. The lil guy LOVES to sweep and help vacuum. Not really sure what all to buy almost 2 year olds for Christmas, this was a given and at the top of the list, we knew that much.
What we didn't know was that Brody was about to take a HUGE interest in this little bad boy as well. The girls took a look at the vacuum for a minute and were on their way but the boys FOUGHT and FOUGHT and FOUGHT and FOUGHT over this thing! It was crazy! We would have to separate them, leaving one on the other side of the house to vacuum in peace while the other was being distracted. Eventually the cool new toy had to be put up so we could enjoy the rest of the day in peace. Needless to say, there was a second trip made to the store as soon as it opened and we are now the proud owners of two Dirt Devil Juniors.
The rest of our day was spent eating, relaxing and enjoying our time with our special family! Hope you all had a great Chirstmas!

Wednesday, January 12, 2011

My Sickies...

Brody: Double Ear Infection/Cold/Fevers
Baxlyn: Cold/Fevers
Kylee: Double Ear Infection/Cold
Korbin: Pneumonia/Fevers
Mommy: Upper Respiratory Infection/Cold
Yep, were havin' fun around here :(

Thursday, January 6, 2011

As a little girl, I prayed there was a Doggy Heaven... as a 25 year old adult, the little girl inside of me is still saying the same prayer. You see, today I have to say good bye to Coco, my dear sweet old dog I've had since I was just eight years old. We celebrated her 17th birthday this past October, and I knew it would be her last. The past few months I've known we were getting closer to putting her down. We've put several dogs to sleep over my childhood, but that's the difference here, I'm not a child. This time it's my decision, my call. I'll be spending the day out of the house with the babies and a friend while my mom comes to get her to try to keep my mind off of it but I know it will be rough this evening when I get home. If you could, please send up a little prayer for me if ya think of it :] Life just stinks sometimes.

Saturday, January 1, 2011

Welcome 2011!!!

Hope you all had a fun and safe new years celebration! The Quads stayed up til' the dark hour of 6:30pm and Mom & Dad got to ring in the new year with a bunch of friends! Up next: Quads 2nd Christmas and a few phenomenal photos by Parrish Photography!

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