Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Our December In Pictures

No lockdown = a busy December! I thought I'd do one lengthy blog on our December so far!
We've all been shopping...

even outside in the warm Texas winter...

We went to the Moms Of Multiples Christmas party...

where the clown lady made us balloons...

and we took our quad-friend JuJu on a choo choo ride!

Baxlyn grew pigtails!

We've been looking at Christmas lights with Levi...

Babies R Us hooked us up with gingerbread cookies and icing while we waited for Santa...
when he finally came Brody and Kylee (again) tried to run for their lives.

One of the best parts about our December has been our trips to the mailbox each day and finding cards from our quad friends across the country. We read each letter... and study each and every picture...
in hopes that we all get to play together one day!
Our therapists threw one heck of a Christmas party where we met another Santa...

sat like big kids...
decorated cookies...
and stole some while others weren't looking!

7 highchairs, a booster and two Mommy seats please! We had a great play date at Going Bonkers with some other multiples and then had an out to eat lunch with our triplet friends and their Big Brother!

Then today we played outside on the 1st official day of winter... in the 80 degree Texas heat!

So so busy and so so fun! Can't wait to celebrate the birth of Jesus this weekend and to end one of the best Decembers of all!

Thursday, December 16, 2010

A Visit From Santa!

The babies' friend Levi (or "Leli" as Baxlyn would say) came over a few weeks ago for a visit from Santa. Last years visit wasn't too bad but I figured this year they would FREAK. To my surprise it wasn't as bad as I was expecting! They sat at the door and waited and waited...

They all were nervous when Santa walked in, Kylee being the most scared :(
We let Santa hold Levi right away to show the others he was a nice guy!

I was surprised when Brody was the first one to warm up to Santa, after a good boot inspection Brody was convinced this guy couldn't be too bad!
Here's the Broman telling Santa all about his "DuDu". Yep, DuDu. Not Mickey. Not Mick. Not Mouse. Of all the things Brody could call Mickey, he chooses DuDu. Bret and I are hoping once he builds his vocabulary he will choose a more appropriate nickname for Mickey, until then it's DuDu (spelled with the "u" verses the double "o")!

Baxlyn warmed up shortly after Brody and sat long enough for a picture!

Korbin took a little more convincing. He too had to inspect Santa's boots and clothes. After a few minutes he crawled up and sat in the corner of the couch as far away from Santa as he could. As Santa dangled a candy cane Korbin slowly got closer and closer...

We all (including Santa) sang the chorus of "Hot Diggity Dog" and Korbin was all smiles!

Poor Kylee never really did warm up to the thought of a big man in a white beard holding her.

She did manage to give him a smile after he gave her a candy cane!

The official group shot...

Group shot minus Kylee plus Levi...
Thanks Santa for stopping by!!!

Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Hello Toddlerhood. Goodbye Sanity.

Total blog slacker here, I know. Things have been a little hectic lately and blogging has been on my mind but pushed to the side. My nerves are worn and my sanity pushed to the limits with these little blessings lately! I must admit with the big 2nd birthday just around the corner (HOLY COW!) I can see the "terrible twos" running full speed in our direction. My precious babies are turning into mischievous little....dare I say it... ttt....toddlers! Every time I turn around someone is ripping up, climbing, eating, throwing, or getting into something. This is just SOME of what's been going on in our house lately and just a FEW of the reasons this momma is needing "Mom's Night Out" more frequently!
Here we have Korbin and onlooker Baxlyn attempting to make an escape out the front door.
My little innocent Kylee reaching in for the Christmas tree (one of the biggest no-no's right now)
With age comes independence. Miss Thang here REFUSING to ride in the choo choo with her bros and sister. Notice them WAY ahead of her as she struts along with Mickey through the aisles of Target.
Korbin reaching for the candles...
Below - quadruple the trouble. The rule is you can sit on the couch not stand, climb, pull on OR swing from the blinds... "Yeah OK Mom, sure"
Another group effort to completely destroy the boys' room. Situations like these I walk in and am guaranteed to look down and hear at least once little innocent "Uh-Oh?!".
Once again, Korbin using the bins to his advantage and reeeaching up to the counter.
Here we have the boys searching for the long lost rattle under Kylee's crib. While they're down the girls see the perfect opportunity to yank hair and stomp on them. Ahh my sweet little darling girls...
Here we have 3 acts in one. Brody and Baxlyn getting after the tree and Korbin making a run for the window sill and blinds...Last but not least one baby pulling out the wipes as fast as he can while the other attempts to put them all back in as quickly as possible...
Stay tuned! Coming up our visit(s) with S A N T A !

Monday, November 29, 2010

Thanksgiving Day 2010

We had a great Thanksgiving and spent the whole day with family. The babies were troopers only having one nap the entire day. They loved all the extra attention and I enjoyed sitting on my rear watching them be entertained by everyone else, it was a NICE break!

A few wobbly steps and a look of curiosity from Kylee!

Aunt Beth taught Korbin how to write in the frost on the window. Hopefully this becomes a little tradition that will keep them all entertained for long periods of time in the future!

The babies are hitting that whole throw your food rather than eat it stage so when it was time to eat we taped off the entire living room with a $3 tarp - GENIUS! When they were done eating we just rolled up and threw out the tarp.

A little "Baby Signing Time" and they're good to go!
Here's Grandma and her "open your own mouth when you feed a baby" face feeding Baxlyn some dessert!
Daddy and the girls and one of the best holiday photos ever - Brody and his drum stick!
It's so easy getting all wrapped up in the food, family, time off work, and a chance to put your feet up during this time of year. When I actually stop everything I have going on in my busy life and take the time to really think about how I am blessed I'm completely overwhelmed. Thank you God for your continuous blessings. We hope you all had a great Thanksgiving!

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