Thursday, January 22, 2009

25 Weeks, 4 BIG Babies, & 1 Prayer Request...

First of all Bret and I would like to ask for prayers for the King family. Jenna delivered her quads at 25 weeks and her precious babies are having a rough time, especially baby Preston. You can view their blog listed on the right to read more details. Again, please keep their family in your thoughts and prayers, I can't imagine what they're going through.

We are taking it week by week (really day by day) now and thankful for each day we are still pregnant. As most of you know, our goal is 34 weeks which means the babies will be here within 9!!! It's very exciting and although it seems like it's right around the corner and things are going well now, there's a lot that can happen between now and then... so please continue praying. I wish you could all hear the nurses and doctors and some of the things they have said to us like "I don't know if it's your church, your Bible, or your faith... whatever it is, it's working keep it up!" "You guys are doing great you must have a lot of people praying for you...". The power of prayer is amazing and it's so awesome that the doctors can see it too!

We saw our specialist today and fortunately, things are still going well. My cervix looks great as do the babies and their hearts, brains, limbs, fluids etc. Bret and I were shocked when they told us their weights and how they are still slightly bigger than the average singleton baby:

Brody 1lb 15oz (he should hit 2lbs tomorrow they said)
Baxlyn 1lb 12oz (she's the little sandwiched one between Kylee and Brody)
Kylee 2lbs
Korbin 2lbs

It didn't take long for me to figure out that's stinkin' 8lbs of babies.... and were still hoping to make it another 2 months... ahhhh sometimes I don't think my body can stretch anymore :/
Which reminds me of something cute that happened today. Bret and I went to Chic Fil A - my special treat for the week on my outing - and when we walked in the man at the register said "Ohh... you having 2 babies or 1?" I thought that's what he had said but I thought I'd make sure before I knocked him off his feet.... "2 babies or just 1?" he said again. I looked at Bret and smiled, looked back at him and replied "4" "WHHHAAATT.... FOUR!... OMG! QUATRO MI D FID FAJEOI Y CELML HFK SJFOOE YO QUATRO.....!" Ok, obviously I don't know what he said since I'm a little rusty on my spanish, but he said "four" several times as he told all of his co-workers... haha! I will miss freaking people out when I'm not pregnant anymore :)

Many people have commented and asked about the babies' names and how we came up with them. I've known for a long time that I love the name Kylee so that was our "If it's a girl" name. We also quickly decided on Brody for our "If it's a boy" name. Soon after finding out there were four, Bret's brain went to work thinking of 2 more perfect names. He brought the name Baxlyn to me, which at first I thought "what... umm no... that's not even a name". For some reason I just couldn't get it out of my head and decided I really did like it! The last boy we originally were going to name Crayton. Bret for some reason had a change of mind and insisted on Korbin. As far as the middle names, Bret had another good idea. Why not give them our parents' middle names?! So there you have it Brody Coleman (after his dad) Baxlyn Hope (his mom) Kylee Mae (my mom) and Korbin Lee (my dad... happens to be my middle name too!).

Anna, Bethany, and Tisha came over Friday night for a "girls night in". We got the letters painted that will go over the girls' cribs. They turned out just perfect, light pink with a soft glitter gloss on top!

What's a girls night in with a big preggo girl without some belly art... fun fun!

By the way - the babies butterflies and footballs are somewhat drawn where they are located in my tummy!

Thanks girls!


  1. Congrats on getting to 25weeks! That is so awesome! And what fun you & your friends had! I love hearing how people pick names. We also used family names for all of the middle names with the girls. It just means so much!
    Talk to you soon,

  2. That's awesome how big they are Heather! Lots more prayers going up!

    P.s. Can't we at least nickname one of them "Li'l fuzz"? lol

  3. So cute! You will love that you drew on your belly. I cherish those pictures! Sorry i have been so out of the loop lately. We have had one SICK house hold. But on the mend, so if you need me, vent, calls or brett needs me to help put you in check, LET ME KNOW!! :)
    Great weights by the way, already bigger than reid and i was 29 w! And look how crazy and healthy she is (lil sparkplug really)! :)

  4. What fun pics. :) I made belly casts for both my girls, and that was so much fun! ;) However I was as big as you were at 25 weeks when I was full term. :) It's still hard to imagine 4 little babies in there! Wow!

  5. i just had quads two girls 2 boys made it to 33 weeks they were born on xmas day 2009

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