Monday, November 29, 2010

Thanksgiving Day 2010

We had a great Thanksgiving and spent the whole day with family. The babies were troopers only having one nap the entire day. They loved all the extra attention and I enjoyed sitting on my rear watching them be entertained by everyone else, it was a NICE break!

A few wobbly steps and a look of curiosity from Kylee!

Aunt Beth taught Korbin how to write in the frost on the window. Hopefully this becomes a little tradition that will keep them all entertained for long periods of time in the future!

The babies are hitting that whole throw your food rather than eat it stage so when it was time to eat we taped off the entire living room with a $3 tarp - GENIUS! When they were done eating we just rolled up and threw out the tarp.

A little "Baby Signing Time" and they're good to go!
Here's Grandma and her "open your own mouth when you feed a baby" face feeding Baxlyn some dessert!
Daddy and the girls and one of the best holiday photos ever - Brody and his drum stick!
It's so easy getting all wrapped up in the food, family, time off work, and a chance to put your feet up during this time of year. When I actually stop everything I have going on in my busy life and take the time to really think about how I am blessed I'm completely overwhelmed. Thank you God for your continuous blessings. We hope you all had a great Thanksgiving!

Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Yes, yes we did...

We are those people who put up their Christmas tree 3 days before Thanksgiving! Let the beautiful, miraculous, joyous, wondrous season of miracles begin!

Thursday, November 18, 2010

Thanks Papaw & Uncle Joe!

A few weeks ago Papaw came out to install something the babies LOVE...
SWINGS! The quads got to swing a lot when we went to Kentucky this summer and thanks to Uncle Joe, they got to bring their swings home!

These are a HUGE break for Mommy as well... poor Korbin always takes my finger and leads me to the front door, the boy always wants to be outside. I've tried a few times but what is supposed to be a fun "play in the yard time" turns into "make sure babies (ahem..Kylee) doesn't eat woodchips, grass, dirt and dog doo time". One against four = very challenging. The swings allow the babies to be outdoors and foreign-object-free! We try to swing everyday if the weather allows and it's giggles and smiles the whole time... now if we could only motorize them....?!?!

Thanks again! We LOVE them!

Friday, November 12, 2010

Pearly Whites

The babies had their 2nd checkup at the dentist this week! Their first visit went great but I was a little apprehensive about this one, now that they're older. Anna and I stayed in one room with Brody & Baxlyn while Ashley took Kylee & Korb to another to get their cleanings. Like last time, Brody had the hardest time and cried a little bit. He clung to his Mickey until the torture was over...
Baxlyn on the other hand, was a champ. After checking out the tools and toothbrush she glady handed over her pink puppy, laid back, and opened wide so the nice lady could clean her 4 little teeth! The dental assistant said she was the perfect patient!

Korbin and Kylee did great during their cleanings too and everyone's teeth looked perfect and healthy!
We WOULD HAVE been in and out of the office within, no joke, 30minutes. As we were loading up, I went to my purse to dig for my keys... nothing. OK, no worries they must be in the diaper bag... nope nothing. Back to the purse...nothing...diaper bag again... nothing.... pockets... nothing. I went and peeked into the car and there were my keys sitting in Brody's car seat, locked in the car. I KNEW this would happen one day and thankfully it happened on the day I wasn't by myself, we were in no rush, had beautiful weather, and an office staff that was kind and welcoming. We played in the big empty waiting room and strolled around the parking lot until the roadside assistance guy got there 45 minutes later. Hoping that doesn't ever happen again!

Monday, November 8, 2010

Six Flags Over Texas

Yep! The babies got to experience Six Flags this weekend! Bret's company along with two others rented out the whole park for the day so Bret, Bethany and I loaded up and headed out. It was a chilly morning but ended up being a beautiful day of fun, (too-much) food, and ZERO lines at the rides!! Here the babies are watching some big kids on a ride in Looney Toones Land!

The swings were one of the few things the babies could "ride" - and let me tell you ride is the right word - those things F L E W and I had a mild panic attack when they started spinning. Anyways, as we loaded them into the swings I was surprised when none of them freaked out and wanted to get out. When the ride was over there was a choir of "MO MO MO MO MO MO MO Bees Bees MO MO" (translated "more more more please please more..."). Because there were no lines we were able to leave them there to ride several more rounds.
Seriously yall.... they FLEW. From the swings we they got to fly planes for the first time! Below Brody and Baxlyn...
and Kylee & Korbin.
Our attempt at a group picture with Daffy, Sylvester & Porky the Pig. How hilarious is this picture?! Baxlyn calm and content and the others trying to RUN FOR THEIR LIVES!!!! Wish I could have gotten a close up of their faces (I know, mean Mommy)!
Bret was sweet enough to sit and feed the babies lunch so Bethany and I could ride some "big people" rides. Thanks Babe :]
Mommy Korbin & Korbin's cracker
Sweet Silly Kylee
Mommy & Kylee
Baxlyn & Bethany. Love this look!
The Korb having some alone time.
On the top of the tower checkin' out the big city of Arlington Texas!
Meeting Robin & Wonder Woman
As we were walking we saw a log ride type thing that looked like we could go on with the babies. I realized when we started moving towards a dark tunnel it was the Yosemite Sam and the Gold River Adventure Dark Ride. As we entered I thought "oh great they're gonna freak". To my surprise they did fine. No smiles but no tears, just looks of wonder...
Mommy & her Broman

Bethany with Korbin & Baxlyn
Daddy & Kylee
After our log ride the babies stood and watched as the next boat came in full of people waving and saying "awwww look at all the babies!" L-R Korbin Baxlyn Brody & Kylee
The boys checkin' out the cool guy on the guitar on our way out...
So fun, can't wait to take them back!

Thursday, November 4, 2010

Halloween Festivities Part 2

Bret and I have taken the babies on several occasions to a local nursing home so the residents can enjoy their company. We had told them on the 4th of July we would be back for Halloween, so Monday, we did just that!

The babies were on great behavior and didn't mind being the center of attention once again. I'm so glad they are patient when we go, they have no clue how happy they make the people who see them. It's so sweet to see some of these men and women in absolute awe of the babies. Many, I'm sure, haven't seen kids in years. The last time we were there a man told us "Seeing these babies makes being here all worth it". Its crazy to think by taking just a few hours out of our busy life we can can brighten these people's lives and give them something to look forward to. As we slowly walk through the halls, little old couples come out of their rooms to take a peek. Some are speechless and just stare at the babies with smiles and others tell us about their children, great grandchildren and great great grandchildren.
This lady (below) asked when she could babysit them, bless her heart! She then asked if she could sing them a lullaby. We all sat at watch as she softly mumbled under her breath to the babies a song of her own. After her song she followed us the rest of the time we were there. Love this picture of she and Kylee getting a good close look at each other...
We went through the "Memory Care" part of the nursing home and stayed in one spot for a good 20 minutes. The little Grandma's couldn't get enough of them and would have stood there all day long looking at them. The one in the white sweater just celebrated her 97th birthday!

"Yeah, they love me..." - Baxlyn
Baxlyn & Korbin
Mommy & Baxlyn leading the train. Korbin - the caboose!
As we left I saw Baxlyn waving her little heart out to a couple standing by... so sweet!
Feels so good to share my little blessings with others :]

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