Monday, April 29, 2013

Water Babies

At four years old, we’re just getting the quads into swim lessons. They’ve always loved the water but putting 4 kiddos in swim lessons isn’t cheap, we finally bit the bullet and they (mostly) are loving it!


Their class consists of them and one other student which is nice. Their two teachers are great yet I still find myself hovering, keeping a close eye on them as well as the lifeguard…sometimes they just look too cozy up there – wake up ;)


Their first lesson they all did great. Baxlyn has continued to LOVE it and cries when we have to leave. Korbin and Baxlyn enjoy but Brody was pretty much over it after the first lesson. While the others practice kicking and beg for turns to do different activities, Brody tends to sit on the top step and do things like wave at me, ask if Blade is doing ok…etc. This past lesson I sat with Blade across the room in attempts to be less of a distraction. At one point Brody is yelling at the top of his lungs causing everyone to look “Mom…MOM…HEY MOM! THIS ALMOST OVER? WE GONNA GO EAT SOME PIZZA AFTER THIS?” Needless to say he had many parents throughout the place cracking up. I just quietly nodded my head in slight embarrassment and motioned for him to hush and pay attention…crazy kid!

Below Kylee takes a turn being a rocket (or something of that nature?) in the water! She and Brody definitely struggle with kicking and she is having difficulty using her left arm and hand to “swim” correctly. We’re hoping they’ll adjust soon and it will help them in the long run.


One of their favorite parts is “diving” for toys. Ok so they don’t actually dive but are encouraged to lean into the water to fetch toys, which is good, but it does give this overprotective mama a slight panic attack. Breathe, Heather, they’ll be fine. Lol!


While one teacher works on the side with the group, another teacher will take them for one on one time. Baxlyn begs to go and loves every minute of it. I can hear here from where I sit asking the lady to let go of her, “she can do it by herself”. Girl lacks NO confidence at all ;)


My little ducks all in a row. Makes my heart happy!


The first lesson we had, Bret and I drove separate to. I had to head somewhere straight from the lesson and I left Bret to load them by himself. Shortly after leaving he called and informed me that all 5 were all in the van, buckled and had somehow locked him out of the car. A phone call, a fire truck and rescue team later (sirens and all) they got the doors unlocked and were able to head home. Never a dull moment! I know this is just the beginning of what will be a busy little childhood. Tee ball, dance lessons, music class….who knows what the future holds!

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Wednesday, April 24, 2013

THANK YOU!!!!!!!

Our family just wanted to say thank you for all of your donations towards our 2013 March for Babies campaign. Despite not being able to walk in the Dallas walk this year, thanks to YOU, we managed to raise even more than our goal amount. On behalf of many families THANK YOU for your generosity and for helping make a difference in the lives of babies everywhere.  It is because of your support these little cheesers are here today…

MOD TY 2013

Learn more about the March for Babies campaign by visiting

Wednesday, April 17, 2013

Botox–Follow Up!

So it’s been two months since Brody & Kylee received their Botox injections. Many of you have commented asking about how well it worked and wanting updates on their progress. Honestly we can’t tell a huge difference. A difference yes, which is good, but not a HUGE difference. If insurance hadn’t covered most of the cost, I’d be reallly bummed. Kylee had received injections in her left hand as well as her leg. The Botox in her hand has helped with the tightness she had. Although she obviously still prefers her right hand and struggles with her left she is able to grasp easier and has better control over her thumb. She has slightly better range in her left foot but again, still struggles. Bret and I have noticed her right foot turning inwards now as well. Grr. Their neurologist recommends we do another round of Botox (expected. most kids undergo several procedures) next month only in her leg, in hopes to see even more improvement. They have also ordered X-rays of her legs/hips to rule out other issues that may be going on.

We’ve seen ok results in Brody as well. He’s still tight for sure but only tip toes on occasion. Before the injections, anytime he ran or even walked fast or with excitement , his hypertonia would kick in and he would go up on his toes. The Botox has made a difference there for sure, which is good. He too will receive more injections next month with Kylee. Lucky for Mom & Dad, insurance will cover 100% now – thank God for insurance is all I can say – holy smokes!

Blade went along for their appointment while the others stayed with Nana & Aunt Beth!neuro1neuro3

Mommy’s heartthrob. neuro4

Anxiety has really been setting in for Brody when it comes to doctors appointments. “What they gonna do to me?” Poor Buddy :( He and Kylee did great at this appointment. In a way I’m glad they both have some of the same issues, it’s a buddy to have along for the not-always-fun-ride. To my surprise they both weighed in at 35lbs! Kylee has just a smidge on Brody height wise, my tall girl!neuro5

For those of you who know Kylee, you know she remembers everything. The minute she saw Dr. Marks, she remembered, even though she was loopy at the time, that he came in to check on her after their procedures in February. She HATED that she had an IV in her arm and as far as she was concerned it was his fault. She looked him in the eye this week and said something like “Why you were there, when I drinked my juice and had a IB in my arm?” lol. neuro6

We don’t have a date set for their next rounds of Botox but are looking at sometime in May. We’ll keep you posted!


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Tuesday, April 9, 2013

March for Babies 2013–We Need YOU!

As you probably already know, we are big supporters for the March of Dimes March for Babies campaign. Each year we participate in raising  awareness about prematurity as well as work hard to raise money to help fund their efforts. This will be the first year that we miss the March for Babies walk in Dallas…boooo. Although {very} late in starting, we would still like to raise money to help support! This is where YOU come in! Each and every dollar will go towards helping babies everywhere have a better start at a healthy life. These little people pictured below wouldn’t be here today if it weren’t for the medical advances that the MOD supports and helps funds on a regular basis…

MOD 2013

I wrote a post last year that pretty much sums up just why the March of Dimes is so important. I posted it again below. You may have read it last year but I ask you, please, give it another read and consider what you can do to help. The 2013 Dallas walk is less than 2 weeks away. You can learn more about March for Babies by clicking HERE and check out or donate to our team page by clicking HERE.

Take Home & NICU – Two Different Worlds

Bringing a new baby into this world is often a long awaited, very exciting time. Most women, from my personal observation at least, are sick of being pregnant towards the end and the last few weeks/days seem like an eternity as they anxiously wait the big “D-day”. The house has been ready, family and friends are on call, and a quiet nursery sits waiting to welcome a new sweet baby into their home. Finally, the day comes. Their water breaks or in many cases nowadays it’s their day and specific time to finally be induced. After a long labor and delivery or a quick cesarean, their sweet baby is here. Visitors come, flowers and endless gifts are delivered and within a few days mom and baby leave for home to start their new life together.

That’s what you think of when you think of the birth of a new baby, right? Somewhere near those lines anyway. For so many families the above scenario is a dream that fell short. Their deliveries were unplanned, unexpected and down right terrifying. One second everything is fine and the next they find themselves being told delivery is necessary for whatever reason regardless of how far along they are in their pregnancy. The complete opposite of something you would look forward to. Ready or not, here he/she comes and prematurity is suddenly on your doorstep.

Everyday thousands of babies are born too early. There are mothers who deliver and don’t hear a cry from their baby due to severely underdeveloped lungs. Rather than the new infant being placed in mom’s arms or on her chest after delivery, many are whisked away by a team of doctors while having breathing machines pushed down their throats in order to keep them alive before the mother even lays eyes on her baby. Their umbilical cords are not cut by their daddies but immediately taken out and replaced with arterial lines. There are new moms and dads who go days/weeks without getting to hold their new baby for the first time. Even worse, some never get to at all.

The parents of premature babies don’t get to experience a lot of what the parents of “take home babies” get to experience. While most go home and get to know and bond this new little life in the privacy of their own home, those parents of NICU babies long for the day they finally get one on one time with theirs. Many spend days/weeks/months asking nurses for permission to hold or even touch their baby. They must learn to know their baby and bond with their baby through the windows of incubators, over machines, wires and tubes. Many NICU parents wait weeks just to see their baby’s sweet face, bare, with no feeding or breathing tubes…which often is a sight of bruised, red and irritated skin due to the tape and equipment used on their delicate skin 24 hours a day 7 days a week.

Parents of preemies walk away from the hospital hundreds of times without their babies. The long drive to the NICU becomes a part of a daily routine. Eat, sleep, work, NICU. Eat, sleep, work, NICU. Forget to eat, sleep, work, NICU. The cycle continues day after day after day. A preemie parent’s medical vocabulary increases just as fast as their baby came into this world. You quickly learn more abbreviations than the average teenager on any social network… TPN, IVH, BPD, PDA, and ROP are just a few that are now in your everyday lingo. Parents of full term babies are at home celebrating milestones like the first smile, rolling over, and sleeping through the night. In the NICU we celebrate the fact that our baby urinated, that they made it almost a whole 3 hours with their vent settings lowered and that they were able to go from one tubed feeding to the next with little residual.

Bret and I are some of the lucky ones who left the NICU with all of our babies. Some parents are not so fortunate. One thing is the same for all parents who spent any significant amount of time in the NICU and that is that it doesn’t end once you and baby come home. I think that’s the biggest misconception about prematurity, actually. Many seem to believe that once a premature baby is discharged, they are a “normal” healthy kid ready to get on with their life. The NICU was a time in the past, something we parents who were there should get over, forget about and move on. It just doesn’t work that way. Many of us see the long term effects that prematurity has on our children daily. I see multiple scars on their bodies each time I change or bathe my babies that remind me of that long NICU journey we were once on. I’ve just recently started answering their “what’s dat?” questions when they look at their baby pictures and see tubes coming from their mouths and noses and IVs and other gadgets coming from other parts of their bodies. Although I am confident my precious 4 will grow up to be happy, healthy, able adults, I expect that they will have struggles they face specifically linked to being born nearly 3 months early.

I’ve written this post to hopefully give everyone a (small) glimpse into the life of someone who delivered their baby(ies) early. Together we can help make a difference. Each dollar donated to the March of Dimes will help babies have a healthier start and a better chance at beating the odds stacked against them if they are born prematurely. People marched and supported the March for Babies walk long before mine were born which is part of the reason they are here today. I encourage you to give, even if just a few bucks, in honor of  the children in your life whether born healthy or premature. This is not about meeting our team goal and has nothing to do with “how much money can the Cox Quads raise”. It’s about every dollar going to support these babies and helping mothers carry to term in their pregnancies. It’s about every person across the US who walks in the March for Babies walk each year to help raise awareness. It’s about making a difference and giving babies a chance to fight who are unable to fight for themselves.


Monday, April 8, 2013

Like Brother, Like Brother!

Brody at 5months/2adjustedbrody chub!

Blade at 5 months!blade chub

I just can’t get enough of all the rolls Winking smile

Sunday, April 7, 2013

Rollin’ Rollin’ Rollin’!

At just over 5 months old, our little Blade is a professional roller In love

Blade Rolls 5 monts

Happy Sunday!

Thursday, April 4, 2013

It’s kind of a BIG deal…

These tiny, sick, helpless babies…

kylee schoolbrody school

…started PRESCHOOL today! For now it’s just Brody & Kylee, Korbin & B will join them in the fall. They had a fabulous day and there were NO tears from them or myself (well, until I got in the car…heehee)!

preschool a and c

Today their daddy and I are so SO incredibly PROUD and thankful In love

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