Monday, November 30, 2009

Designed For Babies...

One of my extremely hardworking, dedicated, and downright fabulous fellow quad mommas and friend, Casey Gerwer, has put her creativity and drive to work and started an online business. Designed For Babies is now up and running!

Check out their gear for Moms, Dads, babies, kiddos, expecting moms and grandparents! You will also find fantastic products made by Luci Bags including our eye catching diaper bags! They have everything from clothing to gifts to developmental toys. I know we will be ordering some Christmas goodies from the easy to use site! It's so hard to find specialty clothing and items for multiples, so I'm to excited to have another shopping option for the quads.


Sunday, November 29, 2009

Ladies & Gentlemen... We Present To You...

Our very first tooth here in Babyland brought to you straight from the mouth of:
Miss Kylee Mae Cox

First a ponytail, now this, what will she do next!

Congrats Kylee!

Thursday, November 26, 2009

Our First Thanksgiving

We have so much to be thankful for... this year especially.

I am thankful to God for sending us his son, his grace, mercy, and never ending love. I am thankful for my husband who works so hard to provide for our family. I am thankful for my friends and family and church who are always there for me. I am so incredibly thankful for each of my babies... their fight, their health, their happiness, and their sweet smiles.

Hope you all had a great Thanksgiving :]

Monday, November 23, 2009

Big Broman's First Word!

Just a couple of video clips to get your week started. First, Brody saying "Dada" (kinda looks like an old man who lost his dentures trying to chew gum) followed by some laughs outside with Mommy!

Happy Monday :]

Thursday, November 19, 2009

Moms Night Out!

I escaped last night (and trust me that is the appropriate word after yesterday....ugh) for a night out with my other moms of high order multiples. We first went for a private salsa lesson in Dallas and then had an awesome dinner at a little Mediterranean bistro! Although we had a lot of fun, I won't be taking up salsa dancing as a hobby that's for sure!

We're dang good at acting like we know what were doing :)

Amy Jo and I

Us Mommas with Michael Irvin

Big thanks to Jessica & Misty for planning a much needed outing, it was fun!

Thursday, November 12, 2009

Developmental Check Up!

We took the babies to their developmental pediatrician this week for a check up... a long check up might I add, thanks Mamaw and Ashley for helping out! I love this particular appointment because the doctor looks at each baby very closely and is detailed with each part of the body and it's function. When it comes to having premature babies, parents desperately want to know how the babies' future will be affected by what they have gone through. During the NICU days we were ALWAYS told "only time will tell... we just have to wait" well we are slowly starting to get answers!
First of all each baby is at the 50th percentile OR ABOVE for weight for adjusted age! Brody and Kylee are actually in the 75th and up percentile WHOOP WHOOP! Ok, so it sounds like I'm kind of bragging right? Dang right I am, I never thought I would say my little 2pounders are now topping the charts at only 9 months old! With that being said we are adding more baby food and less of their high calorie preemie formula to their diet! Now for their individual info. Some of this you might find boring (and if so, please scroll down for pics!) but again our blog is our "baby book" in a way, so I document!

Brody is doing better than expected at this point, a little weak through his trunk area making it hard for him to sit straight and hold his head high for long periods of time (medical term-Truncal Hypotonia). His therapy was recently moved to 4 times a month. He weighs a whoppin' 18lbs 15oz, is at 25th percentile for his actual age and 75th adjusted.

Kylee dear is starting to show signs of cerebral palsy. We and her therapist have started noticing she doesn't use her left hand quite like she should and it stays fisted more than expected. Bret and I were told (while in NICU) she and Brody both have a high chance of having CP so we are, in a way, expecting it. No diagnosis was made, they like to wait until at least a year of age but the cards are stacked against her. If she is ever diagnosed it will most likely be a mild case, which we are grateful for :) For now we are increasing her therapy to 4 times a month and bringing in a developmental specialist to work with her as well. CP or no CP Kylee is and will always be our happy smiley little Miss Kylee! Her weight is now 17lbs 15oz 25th percentile for actual and 75-90th percentile adjusted!

Baxlyn is doing well overall. We have been working on her upper extremities for several months now during therapy. She is very stiff through her scapula and shoulder girdle area making it difficult for her to reach to the ground while in a sitting position and she naturally wants to keep her arms up and out to the sides. Her doctors and therapists are all confident she will outgrow her stiffness. Miss B now weighs 16lbs 7oz and is at the 10th percentile for actual age and 50th percentile for adjusted!

Korbin is doing great too! This kid is "crawling" everywhere... still a weird-almost-tip-myself-over-twist-and-scoot crawl, but a crawl none the less! He has high tone as well but through his hips and has shown major improvement over the last few months with OT. He now weighs 17lbs 14.2oz (love how he and Kylee are always neck and neck!) and is at the 10th percentile actual and 50th adjusted!

That's the update for now! Hope I explained well enough, this medical stuff is hard to wrap my mind around at times :) Feel free to ask questions if I left you confused! I promise the videos are coming and soon! But here are some pics to hold you over...

The Ladies Man
Big Broman

I thought this was so sweet. Sisters reading a night night story together...

Kylee minding her own business... reading eating her book and Baxlyn waiting for just the right moment...
to reach over and steal the hair bow! Soon enough you will have hair baby B, soon enough!

Monday, November 9, 2009

Another Celebration here in Baby Land!

Last week didn't start off so hot. The babies all got their H1N1 shots (yes we chose to go with them and don't regret our decision!) and then all received thier first round of synagis shots... poor thighs :( BUT on Thursday....Baxlyn, Korbin & Kylee graduated from their DOC bands! Bret and I are very very pleased with the progress their little heads have made - HUGE difference!
They even got Graduation Certificates. How Cute is that?!
Broman will be receiving his second helmet later this week. Hopefully just a few more months and his little head will be free as well!

Hope everyone is having a great week!

Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Kylee's First Ponytail!!!

Short post this Wednesday afternoon. I was able to get Miss Kylee's hair into it's first ponytail and I thought I would share this important accomplishment in every girly girl's life!
A side view, look closely its there in the radiant sunlight!

With one of her NICU bows.

Congrats my little Kylee Mae, you're beautiful :)

Monday, November 2, 2009

Halloween 2009

OK, so I didn't go picture crazy on Halloween... I know... what was I thinking! We have a little tradition of setting up in the front yard and scaring the costumes right off the poor innocent children coming for candy. We dressed the babies in their costumes, put them in the run about that had a sign "Don't Touch The Animals!" and headed down the street to see the Thompson Trio... and that my friend is about as exciting as the babies first Halloween got! I had the video out more than the actual camera, but here's a few we captured before they were off to bed!

Hope you all had a great Halloween!
Stay tuned... V i D e O c L i P s... you won't want to miss!
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