Tuesday, September 28, 2010

New York City

First of all, sorry for being a blog slacker these last few weeks we I have been WAY busy preparing for one of my best friend's wedding in New York City... yes New York. KK and I have known each other since we were just 6 and 8 months old and a few years ago, Adam (from Jersey) walked into her life! On one of their trips to NYC he popped the question in the middle of Central Park and it was at that point KK decided that's where they would tie the knot. Far far away.... 1554.58 miles away to be exact! As you already know, I have no problem packing up and heading out on my own little vacation here and there, leaving Bret at home with the babies. This time though, Bret went with me. It was our first time leaving the babies several days in a row. Special thanks to Anna, Mason & everyone else who helped watch our babies, feed them, change their raunchy diapers, drag them to church and so on while we were away!

We left before dawn Friday morning and got back Sunday afternoon. It was a quick trip but enjoyable. It would have been nice to stay a tad longer but we couldn't bare to be away from our sweet babies that long! Although NYC was great for a few nights I have no desire to live there anytime soon! I am for sure a southern girl... NYC was a whole new world to me and made Dallas look like nothing. The lights at night were beautiful, there were pizza places on every corner, the streets were CROWDED & I'm pretty sure there are more taxi cabs than regular cars in the city! I asked Bret when we landed "So, what do we do from here? Do we just wave our arm around off the curb and a taxi will show up... ya know like you see in the movies?" The moment I got a glimpse out the window at the airport I needed sunglasses from the glow of the lined up cabs!

Just the girls enjoying a true "night out on the town"!

The night lights were amazing, I could have taken pics all night!

The girls at M&M World... SUCH a coooooooooool place! 3 stories of nothing but M&M apparal, accessories & gadgets galore!

The wedding day itself was stress free and relaxing. After sleeping in we all got up, ordered some hot greasy pizza and got dolled up before a limo picked us up and took us to Central Park where the ceremony would be held. Below: KK, her lil sister Kacy & I

KK Heather & Kacy 1990

Kacy KK & Heather 2010

Congratulations KK! I love you and am so happy for you! A bigger congratulations to Adam.... you got a good one man, take care of her ;)

Friday, September 24, 2010

Just Checkin' In!

We're still here and going strong! We're busy bees lately and have a big weekend planned... stay tuned!!!
-Bret Heather Brody Baxlyn Kylee & The Korb

Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Twins Triplets & Quads - Oh My!

Our local Moms of Multiples group has activities set up throughout the month where we can all get together with all of our kids. This week - the Fort Worth Zoo! I loaded the babies up bright and early, made the long drive to Fort Worth and hoped for the best! I have a slight obsession with being early (or maybe just a major fear of being late?) So I arrived a whoppin' 45 minutes early. Here's a shot of Korb chillin' while waiting to meet up with his new friends...

Our stats for the day: 4 sets of twins, 1 set of triplets, 1 set of quads & 2 singletons/siblings! *ALL age 3 and UNDER!*
Tew Triplets + Cox Quadruplets = Holy Choo Choo Wagon!
I'm sure many of you are noticing our new umbrellas attached to the wagons. I TOTALLY recommend them especially to those of you who have the choo choo wagon which offers no shade. They are made by Radio Flyer and can be purchased at Babies R Us or Target (online only). The have a heavy duty clamp that attaches to small strollers, car seats, wagons and more. They didn't bother the babies at all and offered GREAT shade from the Texas sun!

Love this one of Kylee & Everett checkin each other out...
A grin from Miss B
We stopped at the cafeteria to feed and change all of the babies and quickly became the main attraction. This is typically what happens on any outing, unfortunately. The grocery store, the doctor's office, or a simple walk around the neighborhood often results in a crowd of people with questions to ask and cameras in hand. Every once in a while we have someone who will ask if they can take a picture of the babies, but most of the time (like in this case) people just bust out their cameras like we are another exhibit at the zoo. If I only have a way to charge a nickel per picture...

Baxlyn was fascinated with this Kangaroo statue and stared for a long time. I can't help but wonder what she's thinking here...
Love this chunky boy :]
They had a small petting zoo for the kids to enjoy. Kylee could have pet this chicken all day. After petting the chicken, she reached to pet the zoo keeper!
All 17 kids did great all day! After 4 long hours we called it a day and loaded back up. 2 of mine were asleep before we backed out of our parking spot and the other 2 quickly followed!
That's all for now, hope you all are having a blessed week!

Friday, September 10, 2010


... and I'm not talking about country dancin'!
Kylee has been our little commando crawler for months now and a few weeks ago she learned how to crawl like a big girl! Once she took off, there was no stopping her!

Last night she AND Brody decided to take a few steps for the camera! Please excuse my poor phone quality...

Won't be long and we will have 4 full-blown walking quadruplets to chase after! God is so good!
Congrats Brody & Kylee, we are SO SO SO proud of you!

Friday, September 3, 2010

Birthday Wishes!

We hope you have a great one!
-Bret Heather & Your GrandQuads

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