Sunday, December 28, 2008

"Let's Have a Baby!"

"Let's have a baby!"... that's how it began. July 29th 2007, our first anniversary, we decided it was time to start our family! After a year of trying and not getting pregnant the doctor suggested we start on the lowest dose of Clomid (an ovulation stimulant) hoping that would be all it would take. Excited about the process, the doctor warned us our chance of having twins would increase by 5-8%... not thinking that would ever happen to us, we jumped right in! After my first cycle on Clomid, the doctors were amazed at my body's response to the drug. They told me the ideal progesterone level after Clomid would be between 10 and 15, mine had sky rocketed to the mid 80's. But unfortunately nothing happened that month; so we tried another round. At this point, blood work had become a routine. On Sept. 2nd, while napping, the phone rang. I saw it was my doctors office and answered casually thinking it was just another update on my progesterone levels. I'll never forget the voice on the other end of the line was not a nurse, but my doctor... she was so excited she said she had to call me herself... I was FINALLY pregnant!!! Having been woken up from a nap, I was a little out of it. I remember crying as I replied "What?! No, I'm taking a nap, I'm dreaming...". After a little convincing that I was awake, she explained to me that my levels were sky high again and I was definitely pregnant this time!

I immediately jumped in the car and headed to Bret's work to tell him the news. As I was driving, I called him to tell him I needed to meet him in the parking lot to get something out of his truck. He said "OK and casually asked me if I had heard anything from the doctor. Fighting back the tears of joy, I said "No" and hung up the phone. When I arrived at his work and he walked up to my car, I jumped out and yelled with tears in my eyes "I LIED, I LIED, the doctor did call and we're having a baby!!!". After standing in shock for a minute, he said while pointing at my stomach "That means there's a baby in there!".

Waiting to tell our parents in a special way, I had to tell my bridesmaids (they were the only ones who knew we were trying). After telling Tisha & KK on the phone, I drove straight to Bethany's. When Chris (her husband) came to the door I walked in, dropped my purse, and cried "We're having a baby!". The excitement on their faces was priceless! Knowing Anna (the last bridesmaid) was about to go to class, we rushed to the college to meet her to "show her something cute we found for her at Wal-Mart". When she pulled up we jumped out of the car and I said "Hey Aunt Banan!". She said "Hi" with a smile and a strange look on her face, then she remembered "Aunt Banan" would be what our baby would call her. As three high pitched screams echoed through the parking lot, there were a lot of stares and weird looks. We will never forget that day!

September 17th we went in for our first sonogram and I remember sitting in the waiting room with Bret praying to see one precious heartbeat. During the first few seconds of the sonogram, I noticed three little blobs on the screen and thought "Hmmm", but blew it off for the most part. I glanced over at Bret and behind him stood a nurse with her hand over her mouth, little did I know our lives were about to change forever. I thought " Aww... this is her first time to sit in on a sono" and smiled at her. Looking back at the screen the doctor said "Well... I see triplets..." he looked and sounded like he was going to hit the floor! I started breathing heavily and looked at Bret and said "It's going to be OK babe...". Then the doctor said "Wait... I think I see another one, but I don't know if there's a heartbeat...... yes there's a heartbeat." At that point Bret, having seen enough, said "OK, stop looking!". The room grew dead silent and the doctor and nurse left the room. After looking at each other like "Holy Cow" for a few minutes, I got up and got dressed. When we opened the door to the exam room we were in, the hallway was filled with the office staff looking at us in amazement. After a while of letting everything soak in, we left the office and headed straight for Edible Arrangements hoping to catch Anna at work.

Baby 1

Babies 2,3,&4

We walked in the backdoor. Holding the sonogram pictures in my hand and tears rolling down my face, I handed them to her. She didn't really know what she was looking at, but had a feeling something was up by the awkwardness of the situation. She asked "What's wrong?" thinking we had had a miscarriage. "Count them, Anna" I screamed, and I pointed out all four of my beautiful black blobs! We called Bethany and told her to come by the store. When she arrived we showed her the pictures and she was in shock too! As you can imagine, Tisha and KK, were ecstatic as well! At this point we knew we had to tell our parents ASAP. After church that night Bethany and I stayed up for hours framing the sonogram pictures for our parents. When we were done, I called my brother in law and told him "get the camera out, don't let anyone go to bed, Bret and I are coming over!" When we arrived at their house we went to the living room and handed the frame to my mom and sister. It took a minute, but they finally realized I was telling them I was pregnant and again I had to point out all four... apparently people are not used to seeing multiple black blobs ;) Within a few days we broke the news to my dad with a frame also, he was so excited! When we took the frame to Bret's parent's house, his dad's reaction was "I'm glad it's you and not me!" but we knew they were both very happy to hear that they were going to be Mamaw & Papaw! Eventually we spread the news to the rest of our family, church, & friends and the support has been overwhelming!

Bret and I want to thank everyone for their support and prayers. We would also like to thank all of our amazing doctors: Dr. Joyner, Dr. Shimer and the staff at Craig Ranch, Dr. Trimmer and his staff at Centennial Hospital, and Dr. Leveno and the wonderful ladies at Plano Medical Center. We are super excited that God has blessed us in this way. Please continue to keep us in your prayers and check back soon for more updates! The ride has just begun ;)


  1. WOW ~ I just found your blog via The Urech Quads blog. CONGRATULATIONS! I have done 20 cycles of Clomid (6-50 and 14 100mg) and have been pregnant 3x from it. 2 singletons (now 7 and 11) and a set of twins that we lost one at a time. We are now in the homestretch of a Vietnamese adoption for #3.

  2. Hey Heather & Bret, you probably don't remember me, but I went to school with you. I graduated in 2000, my name is Tiffany Simon. I found your blog through the Anna Melissa Tribune. LOL. I figured it'd be fun to read from the beginning. Congrats on your four gorgeous little bundles! It's pretty neat to actually know someone who has quads. :) I have a blog too if you ever have any's here if you wanna check it out.

  3. WOW! I had a random spurt and decided to look up quads and came across your page. Congratulations on your babies...and I'll definately be checking back in on you. Your story is amazing and I wish you the best of luck!!!!
    Congrats again, Danielle

  4. I only have twins and when I saw TWO heartbeats I thought I was going to pass out. I cannot even imagine how you must have felt.


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