Wednesday, May 26, 2010

This Little Girl... into Scottish Rite and will be getting her braces mid July!

Thursday, May 20, 2010

First Dentist Appointment - SUCCESS!

We have been told by several doctors the babies should see a dentist at one year adjusted and well, here we are! After some research we went with Dr. Brister and he and his staff were fabulous. We made our appointment bright and early at 8am (Bret and I had to get up at 5:45am in order to get ready and loaded...ugh!) so the babies would be in the best mood possible and the appointment wouldn't interfere with any naps. Let me tell you, they did GREAT! All of them were so happy (almost) the entire time! Upon arriving the staff mentioned they wanted to split them up 2 and 2 for their exams just in case there were any meltdowns. Anna and I took Kylee and Korbin and Bret stayed with Baxlyn and the Broman. During their exams they got to play with the tools, have their teeth and gums brushed and become the proud owner of their very OWN toothbrush. I'm a bad Mommy and have been using one toothbrush between all of them... yuck I know (trust me tho, not the nastiest thing going on in our house lately... I'll elaborate in an upcoming blog - eww)!
Korbin checking out the cool light and his new toothbrush!
After their exams they were all in one big room together to meet Dr. Brister. Below, a picture of Baxlyn with Anna (and Levi who should be here early July!) playing with the cool light.
Kylee getting checked out by the doc!
Baxlyn stood the whole time clinging to the doctor waiting for her turn... so sweet!
Miss B... Brody was having a good ole time minding his own business, watching everybody, playing with his light, and holding his little cup...
but when it was time to see Dr. Brister, his feelings got a little hurt :[ Dr. Brister was very impressed overall how the babies are doing
and how their little teeth are coming in. Because of being preemies and high order multiples they are at risk for "complications" but so far so good! We go back in 6 months and are hoping things go as smoothly as they did this morning!
Next week... follow up eye exams :/

Thursday, May 13, 2010

15 Month Check Ups

I seriously can't believe they're 15months already... time for another one?! (kidding kidding... well kinda) Dr. Reyes is pleased with how they are all doing and is allowing them extra time to play catch up due to their prematurity. Like we saw with the girls last week at Dr. Roberts, they are all still working on some of their 12month milestones which is where they should be for their adjusted age.
Below: Baxlyn standing, Kylee waving her shoe, Korbin finding Waldo and the Broman!

This was the first appointment where Bret and I couldn't keep the babies either all on the table or sitting on a blanket on the floor. I tried but just couldn't do it so yes... they were ALL over that floor - EEWWW! All I kept thinking was germs, germs, oh my gosh eww germs! Gotta help build that immunity right?!?
Notice my perfectly laid out blanket on the floor. Where does Brody decide to stand? Right smack dab next to it... ugh.

Brody, Baxlyn & Korbin. (Again ignoring my blanket efforts)
Kylee and Daddy reading a book :]
Brody keepin' a close eye on the mean nurse after his shots, poor dude!

As for the stats:
Brody 22lbs 5oz 29inches
Baxlyn 19lbs 9oz 29inches
Kylee 20lbs 15oz 30inches
Korbin 22lbs (Look out Brody!) 30 1/4inches

Next week - DUN DUN DUN.... the DENTIST! Now that should be interesting!

Tuesday, May 11, 2010

The 6 of us... and an Octuplet sighting!

Saturday afternoon was gorgeous so we took the babies to a local park for a picnic. It was just the 6 of us... no help, no extra hands, which doesn't happen often. L-R Korbin, Kylee, Baxlyn, Brody

Enjoying the breeze and their dinner!

My little B

As I was giving the others a drink, I look over and Brody had found the stash of bread for the ducks...
Mama duck and her Octuplets. Now that is one busy Mama!
They LOVE these swings, the minute we put them in they all shrieked with excitement!
My Chunky :]
There was a community center behind the park where they had activities for kids. We let the babies roam nearby and watch.

Some kids stopped to show the babies their little fish (eww)
Mr. Cool
Stay Tuned! 15month Check Ups - Tomorrow!

Sunday, May 9, 2010

Mother's Day 2010

Happy Mother's Day to all those special Mommas out there!

Wow, what a difference a year makes!
Hope you all had a great one!

Friday, May 7, 2010

Developmental Check Up - Girls!

Bret and I took the girls to the developmental pediatrician Friday morning while the boys spent the morning with Grandma and Aunt Beth. The girls did great the entire appointment and were as happy as could be. Little Miss Baxlyn scored above her adjusted age in all areas with the exception of Expressive Language. Kylee scored right at adjusted age in all areas with the exception of Gross Motor and Expressive Language. Overall they are both doing great! Baxlyn was just a hair away from weighing 20lbs (19lbs 15.5oz to be exact) which means we can turn their car seats forward facing when we feel ready. Kylee weighed in at 21lbs!
Our main concern we had when leaving the appointment was Kylee's head circumference. After measuring multiple times, it showed her head hasn't grown since she was there last, which was January. The doctor said because of her brain injuries her head is not growing as rapidly as it should. Bret and I ask that you keep Kylee in your prayers and hope she shows better growth as time goes on. We are also currently waiting to hear from Texas Scottish Rite Hospital. Kylee was referred to SR for orthotics (braces) for her legs/ankles. Because of her hemiplegia, there's a chance she may not get in. If she doesn't get accepted there are other resources we can go through to get Kylee the orthotics she needs. We're not too worried and know God will open the door to where ever it is Kylee should be treated.
More stats next week when we go to the pediatrician's for their 15month check up!

Monday, May 3, 2010

Teamwork: Quad Style

As mobility kicks in so does the mischief!
I turned a corner yesterday to find this...
toilet paper completely unrolled...

every last hair bow taken out of the cabinet...
and the trashcan emptied!

I know I know... it's just the beginning. Little stinkers ;]

Sunday, May 2, 2010

Last but not least...

...our Brody came home! I'm about a week late on this post but needed to celebrate the fact that our little Broman has been home now for (just over) a year! I've said it a million times before, I'll NEVER EVER forget this special day. Bittersweet. Leaving what had been our home for months but super excited to be a family at home together after such a long journey.
Brody, with his "We Love You Brody " sign that still overlooks his bed to this day.

Our tearful goodbye as we left as a family!

...and finally together at home where they belong :]
Here's a look back at that special day. One of the most meaningful blogs I've written by far.

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