Wednesday, June 23, 2010

I need YOUR help!

It all started on Christmas. Grandpa gave each of the babies a plush Disney character and Brody's, as you probably already know, is Mickey Mouse. He LOVES that Mickey more than anything and when the goin' gets tough that Mickey is all he needs.
Months ago we noticed Brody took comfort in Mickey's nose in particular. At night we would go in and he would be hanging out chewing and sucking on Mickey's nose... ok whatever. A few weeks passed by and we were at a friends house when all of a sudden one of our friends gagged after getting a whiff of Mickey's nose "OMG Heather, Mickey's nose is disgusting!" I picked up the Mickey, took a sniff and almost upchucked myself. At this point I thought ok we just need to wash Mickey, no big deal. I go home, chunked him in the washer then the dryer, pull him out and the smell was still there. Better, but still there. The second Brody laid his mouth of that thing it was just as nasty as before.
As the days go by Mickey is getting more and more disgusting and the stink is started to linger around in the rooms where Mickey has been. Poor innocent Kylee went to give Mickey some lovin' the other day and gagged as she yanked it out of her mouth as fast as she could.
Here's where I need YOUR help. Buying a new Mickey every month isn't exactly in our budget. What have you done with your children's lovies when they started smelling well... not so lovely? Someone mentioned vinegar in the washing machine with it - didn't work. I also tried soaking Mickey's nose in a bowl of straight vinegar over a long period of time- didn't work. The nasty mouse has been through the washing machine AT LEAST 15 times and its just not working.

Brody & Mickey
Mickey's first of many vinegar baths.
We went to the Disney store a few weeks ago. Brody fell in love with this HUGE Mickey and the first thing he went for.... his nose!
Any suggestions? Pleeeaasse?!

Friday, June 18, 2010

Change of plans for Kylee Mae!

Kylee was scheduled to go to Scottish Rite mid July to get her braces for her legs. We got a letter a week or so ago informing us her appointment had been rescheduled to mid August. We decided to have her fitted and casted at another facility and have her follow up and continue treatment at Scottish Rite. The sooner this baby girl gets her braces, the better!

Things going well before casting began...
Things not going so well after it began, poor girl :(

Love this one of Baxlyn. "Maybe if I'm a good girl and I stay quiet, I won't have to go next!"
Kylee back at home and happy again. She will be receiving her braces in just 2 weeks!

Saturday, June 12, 2010

Flips & Fun At The Little Gym

The babies are feeling much better and are almost 100% back to themselves after dealing with this bug that's been going around. As the babies get older, more mobile, and their immune systems get stronger we are trying to get them out more. We have been cooped up in the house far too long living our day to day routine and we feel the need to get the babies doing different things (swimming, walks, one on one time at the store...) to stimulate different parts of the brain. Last weekend we had a trip planned to The Little Gym but after spending late hours in the ER Friday night, we didn't make it to the class Saturday morning. We were able to go today and I knew from the moment we pulled up we would have a great time. Upon arrival the staff came out and greeted us at the car and helped us carry babies in and once we got inside they had a personalized welcome signs with each baby's name!

The class was pretty small with only about 5 other babies and their parents. It was neat for me to see the babies mixed in with others their age, I was amazed at the difference in size and development of ours verses the other babies and quickly remembered how important it is to adjust their age and to take in consideration their rough start when comparing. The class started by sitting on the mats while playing with bells and singing fun songs - at this point our babies looked as if they had never left the house before, all four of them had blank stares as they took in everything around them. The first two pics show a good idea at their faces the first 10minutes or so but soon enough they all broke out of their shell and joined in the fun!

After our circle time on the BIG mats we had explore time where the babies could wander and well, explore! Bret and I took the babies by ourselves and the staff did great on helping us keep an eye on all of them, making sure everyone got to explore and climb on whatever they wanted. Korbin was the most independent of the bunch. He didn't care if anyone was with him, watching him, or helping him... just wandered off and did his own thing!

This was Baxlyn's favorite instructor, Mr. Jaime. He escorted her from the car to the gym and from then on, he was her man!
Baxlyn doing flips with Miss Lea!
Kylee I think, had the best time of them all! With her diagnosis of CP and other things she is the one we worry most about, neurologically speaking. I LOVE the fact that she LOVED being at the little gym and hope she can continue to go and thrive!
Here she is with Daddy balancing on the bars!
Her favorite thing was the balance beam. If you could only hear the shrieks of joy coming out of that mouth!
Our little Brodster took the longest time to warm up and never did completely. Although he is feeling much better he still wasn't his normal self. Although he participated in some activities, he preferred to sit back and watch everything go on.
Brody & Daddy doing flips!

We all had a great time and highly recommend The Little Gym for kids of all ages! A special thanks to Miss Lea for being such an awesome instructor and making our experience so special! To learn more about The Little Gym and what they have to offer your family, click here!

Saturday, June 5, 2010

My Sick Little Quadlings

Yep, you read that right, the babies have been sick. A few days ago the clear runny noses started, no big deal right? Before we knew the attitudes started and moods changed, everyone became clingy and irritable. After multiple doses of Tylenol and Pediatex the Broman seemed to only get worse and his diapers (even the morning ones) were not as wet as normal. I bought an ice cream thing at sonic the other day on our way back from an appointment and the babies loved it, except Brody, he put his head down on the floor and moaned. I knew at this point it was time to call the doc. I took him in and he checked out OK. Throat looked good, no fluid in the ears, no fever etc. Our plan was to go home, continue our meds and expect him to feel better soon.

Yesterday Bret and I took them all on a diaper run to Sams. Usually the babies smile and wave at all of the onlookers, but this time Brody had a blank stare and by the time we got to the check out line, he had his head resting on the side of his choo choo wagon. I could tell the little dude was not feeling well AT ALL. I told Bret we need to hurry and get him home ASAP. Of course all eyes are on us, people are ooing and ahhing "wow 4 babies. oh my gosh 4 babies. you had 4 babies?!...." in the middle of us being the main attraction Brody started to puke... and puke more and more and more. Everyone's oohs and ahhs quickly turned to looks of shock as this one baby starts to randomly vomit all over himself. I try not to panic, turn, see the sign for the bathroom and start running pulling the choo choo behind me with Brody puking away - now people are really looking. Nice. Thankfully the other babies cooperated and sat quietly (besides Baxlyn saying "Uh-Oh!" very 4 seconds) while I undressed Brody and cleaned him up.

At this point Brody is pale, OK he's always pale, but he was even more pale than normal and could barely hold his eyes open to look at me. Dr. Honeycutt, his neurosurgeon, has always said sickly symptoms without fever (as well as other things) is a sign of shunt failure. After talking to Honeycutt and the pediatrician we decided to take Brody to the Children's ER to have him evaluated. There was a good chance it was nothing, but if it was a shunt malfunction and we ignored it, it could be fatal. They started by taking blood, then did a CT scan, head chest and ab xrays, another CT, followed by an IV drip. I think the worst part of the whole thing was that he couldn't hold his Mickey during the procedures :( He cried and cried and clung on to that Mickey like there was no tomorrow! After several hours the doc came in and told us his shunt looked great and was working properly. He said his white blood cell count was up which meant he is probably developing (or has) a viral infection, but nothing major to worry about.

As bad as he felt, the INSTANT he saw the camera he flashed me a smile!
This morning Brody is feeling much better, not back to his normal self, but better! The other babies are fussy and still dealing with their runny noses but nothing we can't handle. Just hoping they're on the mend soon!

Thursday, June 3, 2010

Sum Sum Summa Time!!

Lots going on around here lately, sorry for not blogging as often as usual. I've been taking the babies out on my own more and more now and my confidence is *slowly* rising. When I do get the courage to take them somewhere alone, I find myself texting some of my girlfriends for last minute support right before I enter the store or doctor's office. Not sure if the overwhelming feeling will ever completely go away as long as I'm pushing that beast of a stroller!
The babies all went to the eye doctor last week for their final ROP check up. All 8 eyes look great! Kylee & Korbin are free from the eye doctor (unless the need arises, of course) and Brody and Baxlyn don't have to be seen for another year!
Kylee, Baxlyn, Brody & Korbin
Kylee waiting patiently!
The Texas sun is HOT too early this year but we're still trying to get out. We've been enjoying walks, sunshine, watermelon and the little blow up baby pool in the backyard the babies got for their birthday (thanks Ms. Ashley!) We have attempted the "big" pool a few times now and even adult per baby, it scares me to death :/ Hopefully we all get the hang of it soon!

Sweet sweet Kylee Mae
Baxlyn & Brody
Korb Worb
Hittin' the streets for a walk...
First time swimming as a family on Memorial Day!

More to come.... promise!

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