Tuesday, April 28, 2009

And then there were 4...

I'm proud to say Brody is home and I now have all of my little "druplets" under one roof... OUR roof! Bret went to work for a few hours yesterday morning and I got myself and the rest of the clan ready for our big day. It was rainy so I hesitated taking them with us to pick Brody up, but I also had been dreaming of the day we would walk out of that hospital as a family... all 6 of us... so rain and all there we went.
Once the babies are released from the nicu they are not allowed back in due to being exposed to the "outside world" so Bret, Baxlyn, Kylee, and Korbin waited in the hallway while I went in for Brody. When I walked through those nicu doors I knew it would be for the last time... at least to see my babies. Our nicu journey was finally coming to an end.
As I approached the front desk several nurses greeted me with huge smiles knowing it was a big day for our family. Needless to say I broke down into tears. Tears of joy knowing we have finally reached the goal set for all families who are on the roller coaster nicu ride and tears of sadness knowing I was leaving a place which I have called home since I was admitted on January 27th.
There were times I wasn't sure if this day would ever come - me walking out with my Brody - and here it finally was. I will NEVER forget it!
Brody ready to hit the road with his "We Love You Brody" picture from the brother and sisters.
Dr. Jain proudly escorting Brody to meet up with the others!
Our Family :)
Bret unfortunately had to go to school after leaving the hospital, so I took the babies home by myself. After a few trips from the car to the house with babies I finally saw what I have been wanting to see for so long, my babies all together... at home.

My Dear Brody,
Welcome home sweet baby, words cannot express how proud your Daddy and I are of you. We love you to pieces and always will. You have taught us both so much... most of all to rely only on God and his power to pull us through the toughest situations. Thank you for staying strong and being the fighter that you are.
We Love You! Mommy & Daddy

Thank You Jesus :]

Friday, April 24, 2009

Welcome Home Kylee!

Kylee cam home today! Bret and I, along with Mr. Korbin and Baxlyn, went to pick her up this afternoon. When I walked into their room (Kylee and Brody were sharing a suite :) ) they were snuggled in so sweetly together, I hated to break them up. I had to fight back a few tears when leaving with Kylee and having to leave Brody behind. I just remind myself once again, he's here and I'm thankful for that and he will be coming home shortly. Good news though, Brody should be coming home Monday if things go according to plan! I was so afraid he was going to be stuck behind for a while, but he's not. He's now taking all 8 of his feedings by bottle and is currently on brady watch (he must go 5 days without dropping his heart rate where he has to be stimulated). YAY Brody and Kylee!
I know you are all curious to know how this week has gone with Bret and I having two of the babies home. It actually has not been that bad. We have them sleeping in pack-n-plays in our room for easy access during the night. Hardest part? getting up every three hours during the night to feed. They take their bottles in only 15 minutes or so, but for some reason Korbin feels the need to growl for an hour after he eats which keeps us up... fun :/
We will see how tonight goes, I know 3 will be more challenging!
Baxlyn and Korbin had their first appointment with their pediatrician Dr. Reyes on Wednesday. Baxlyn weighed in a 5lbs 8oz and Korbin 5lbs 12oz. The doctor was very impressed with their size for being 11 week early quads and was super proud of their double chins :)
Bret and I with the three heading home.

Hangin' out in the jungle...

"Oh great... 2 sisters... what am I to do now!"

Not too much longer and our little (big) family will be complete!
Have a great weekend!
-Bret and Heather
P.S. - any NICU nurses who might read this, please give Brody our love!

Monday, April 20, 2009

2 Down... 2 To Go!

Yes Sir, two are home! The whole weekend we had planned on bringing Kylee and Baxlyn home. Korbin was for the most part ready also, but we were going to let him hang out with Brody a few more nights to ease us into the whole "at home" parenting thing. We called last night to check on everybody and Miss Kylee had had a recorded brady (her heart rate dropped and they had to stimulate her to get her to breathe) in this case, they must go 5 days without another one. Soo... needless to say she wasn't coming home. This morning we called before heading that way and the doctor said "You want to take Korbin too?!".... and so we did :)
It was bittersweet in a way. On one hand we get to take 2 of our babies home YAY! On the other hand, we're having to split them up and it will be hard for us to go see the others :( but we will manage! Assuming Kylee doesn't have another Brady she should be home later this week/weekend and Brody is still looking like another week or two. He is doing great, just not taking all feedings by bottle just yet. They get to sleep in the same bed now, too!

The girls and one last snuggle before separation.

Baxlyn and her goodbyes to her Baby Buddy Meredith.
We love you, and thank you for everything ;)

The girls and their "I'm Mommy's Dream Come True" outfits!

Finally, a picture of Bret holding them all for the first time!

The wonderful Dr. Jain with everybody!

Leaving the NICU...

Bret and I with the babies outside Dr. Leveno's loading up!

Korbin's first car ride.

Baxlyn's first car ride. She's just thrilled can't you tell...

Home :)

Daddy and Baxlyn

Mommy and Korbin
(If I didn't know better, I'd say it was Brody!)

That's all for now, I'm gonna go watch my sweet babies breathe :)

Tuesday, April 14, 2009

4 little babies 8 big shoes...

Hello all! The babies are all doing great and are now at 37 weeks gestation. Nobody is home yet, but were getting much closer. We anticipated Baxlyn being home by now, but she has some minor reflux issues we are having to deal with. She and Korbin are both taking all 8 feedings by bottle and are neck and neck as to who will be the first one out of there! Kylee is not far behind them, the doctors are going to attempt all 8 bottles on her today also, we will see how she does. Little (BIG) Brody Love will attempt 5 feedings today by bottle. His incisions are healing well and he was able to have his very first tub bath on Friday... he loved it (pictures coming soon)! Other than him taking his time at eating, he's doing great!
Here's a few pics of them wearing their first -still way to big- shoes!

Korbin and Mommy time... sweet baby :)

Last but not least, their weights!

Baxlyn 4lbs 9oz
For a while there she was losing weight daily due to her reflux. The nurses and I agree, more than her reflux it's her demanding attitude and constant high pitch tantrums that's burning her calories away! She will make herself known among others, that's for sure...
Kylee 5lbs 2.8oz (yes the ".8" matters!)
Korbin 5lbs 3.8oz
Brody 5lbs 14.2oz
YAY for BIG babies!!!

Saturday, April 11, 2009

Happy Easter!

It's Our First Easter!

The girls in their basket.

The boys in their sports balls.

(they could have stayed there ALL day!)

"Seriously mom... more pictures?"
Korbin Lee

Little Miss Kylee Mae

Baxlyn Hope

(...hoping this photoshoot will be over soon)

Brody Coleman

"Praise be to the God and Father of our Lord Jesus Christ! In his great mercy he has given us new birth into a living hope through the resurrection of Jesus Christ from the dead..."

1 Peter 1:3

We hope you all have a great Easter!

Bret, Heather, Brody, Baxlyn, Kylee & Korbin

Sunday, April 5, 2009

Group Picture!

Time is flying by so quickly, I can't believe the babies are already 7 weeks old. Bret and I catch ourselves saying little things like "Oh, I can't wait until they can laugh" "Can't wait until they can walk" "Can't wait until we can sign them up for baseball and gymnastics....". I have to remind myself daily of how quickly time has gone by so far and how in no time at all of our "baby days" will be over and we will wish we could have just one more day in baby land. For now, we will enjoy their sweet innocence and cherish every minute spent with them!

The boys are still bedding together, but the girls have been split up due to Baxlyn's reflux. She needs to be a little more elevated so gravity is on her side. Below is a picture of the little reunion they had this weekend. This was my first time to see them all together side by side... I LOVED LOVED IT! It still (and forever will) amazes me that they're here and are all mine...
(In birth order Brody, Baxlyn, Kylee, & Korbin)

Sweet sisters :)

Napping in their clothes basket.

Silly Boys!
(OK... Silly Mommy!)

Sweet Baxlyn. We expect her home very soon :)
She was having a little/big problem with reflux so they mix her milk with a thickener the consistency of nectar to help keep it down.
She is taking all 8 feedings by bottle, which is the requirement for going home. Another requirement, going 5 days without bradycardia... she's already
gone 8. Soon she will have her car seat test and be out the door!
I'm super excited, I just hope the others follow behind her - QUICKLY!

Little Miss Kylee who is taking every other feeding by bottle!

Brody and his post-bath fro.
He is at 2-3 bottles a day.


Korbin havin' a moment with Dad while getting a bottle!
He is currently at 3 bottles a day and doing well.

That's all for now! Have a great week and God Bless!
- Heather

Kylie, thank you and to answer your question about Brody and his recovery. Bret and I are very happy with our decision to have Brody's surgery and feel it was successful. The doctors continue to measure his head daily. The swelling has gone down and his head has measured the same for quite a while, therefore we assume the shunt is doing it's job and draining the fluid from his brain properly. His incisions are healing nicely and shouldn't leave bad scaring at all!
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