Saturday, July 26, 2014

Quad Mama - MIA

Total slacker lately. Boo. I’ll blame it on five crazy, loud kids keeping me busy while they’re awake and a beautiful, constantly calling my name swimming pool recently put in my backyard keeping my busy when the loud and crazies are sleeping! Lots to come including our last pool play date before our Tew Triplet friends moved to Florida, our trip to Michigan and more! For now enjoy some random photos from summer in quadville…

Kylee’s last horseback riding lesson, Doc got his hair done just for the occasion! She and Brody are both looking forward to taking private lessons together in the fall!

rb 1

Daddy :]

rb 2

The boys and I had a special date after our trip to check out a local fire station!


B, Brody, Kylee & Korbin checking out the John Deere tractors! The lady told us that if we could start one up, we could take it home… Brody was determined to find a key somewhere. Needless to say, we went home empty handed!


I think they’re beautiful if I do say so myself ;) Kylee & Baxlyn


I’d like to say I caught this shot without them knowing, that they so sweetly held each other’s hands while entering the the lake together as a loving group of siblings…but I’d be lying. This is totally posed but made for a nice group shot!


My sweet Blade. Because you can never be too safe while playing your piano…


Mommy & Broman. So thankful for this chatter box.


The Squad with their friend Kenadi on the 4th of July!


Kylee & Brody before they ventured off at Cook Childrens for an entire day of neuropsychological testing! (May update soon on that one!)


Until next time!

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