Saturday, October 24, 2009

Sibling Rivalry?

As the babies are getting more mobile, I find myself playing referee more often. It seems every time I turn around Korbin and Baxlyn are dukin' it out. I can put them on separate sides of the room and minutes later they have met up and he's got her helmet, she's got his hair then she has his nose... he has her lip.... it never ends! I know it's bound to happen, but seriously, this early?! The ripe ole' age of 8months?! I started really noticing it a few weeks ago and ONLY between the two of them, Kylee & Brody tend to keep their hands to themselves so far.

"I didn't do it Mommy... hee hee"

"Don't cry, she's looking"

Silly Babies!

Saturday, October 17, 2009

Animals Among The Pumpkin Patch!

It's been gorgeous weather here in Texas the last few days so we put the babies in their Halloween costumes and headed to the local pumpkin patch for a few pictures!

Brody our Tiger, Baxlyn our Giraffe, Kylee our Pink Leopard and Korbin.... what do ya know a monkey!

"Guys... any of you know what this thing is in our lap?"

Hope you enjoyed!

Monday, October 12, 2009


Were all doing good here in Baby Land. The Quadlings (yeah that's a new one!) got their flu shots just over a week ago therefore we got an update on their weights. As always they were bigger than I expected. Broman weighed in at a whoppin' 18lbs 7oz! I thought for sure Kylee had finally caught up and surpassed Korbin but to my surprise he has nearly 1/2 a pound on her at 16lbs 10oz. She seems a bit "chunky" (sorry Kylee no other way to put that!) compared to him, but I guess he is solid muscle. Little Baxlyn is still our itty bitty at 15lbs 6oz! Big heavy babies = one strong momma!Can't wait until their 9month check up to see how they hit on the charts!
The babies' cranial helmets are working wonders. It was hard to see the difference at first, but we are definitely seeing changes now. We go weekly to have them adjusted. They are evaluated and then the helmets are shaved down (on the inside) where needed to allow more room for growth. It looks like Brody will need to have another helmet. The one he has has been shaved almost to the brim - which is a good thing and means he has improved but he still has a long way to go. The others are only looking at about another month or so to go. Can't wait to get back to hair bows and winter hats!

"Ummm... Kylee... remind me what was so great about this nasty thing...."
(see previous post)

Kylee & Baxlyn :) They are just too sweet. Kylee is THE happiest baby lately. She sits and laughs at the simplest things and is so so patient and the girl finally learned how to roll over back to stomach (so proud of you doll face)! Baxlyn and her little bitty voice I can't even describe... I'll try to post a video soon. Gotta love little delicate baby girls!

"Ok Brody here's the plan. You hold your butterfly and this yellow-screwdriver-tool-thing while I get the door ready to put on""... I'm on it!"
My seriously cool (very serious)dude helping Daddy put on the new screen door.

Then we have Korbin.

Korbin Korbin Korbin. Gotta love this kid. He get's soo frustrated by his lack of mobility. He can roll like the wind across the living room floor, but that's just not enough for him. He's so close to crawling and he knows it. He has been so curious lately too always grabbing everyone else's helmet, eyes, and toys. The last few days he has been grabbing onto things (like the basket shown above) to try to pull on or tip over. This morning when I went into his room, he had his hand up over the railing of his crib and looked at me like "Look at me Mom... I'm gonna get outta here!" Trying to stay one step ahead of him, we lowered his crib tonight... just another sign my babies are not going to be babies much longer :( It's a good thing, believe me I know, its just flying by soo fast!

That's all we have for today, hope you all have a great week!

Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Look Out World... We Got New Wheels!

So last week there was a few large boxes on the porch, I love when there's a box/boxes on the porch, it's like Christmas! It just happened to be our new freakmobile circus on wheels stroller... ahh yes that's the word I was looking for!

While pregnant, I swore I would never have a Quad Runabout stroller...ever. I mean look at it, it is seriously a freakshow-on-wheels and it certainly does look like it belongs in a circus. It even has this little "ding ding, get the heck out of our way" bell and a wrist strap in case you happen to let go. My guess is it will either rip your wrist off or drag you down the hill but yeah it's like an extra emergency break, which it has as well!

After talking to fellow quad moms across the country I realized this stroller is about my only option for ever getting out of the house alone with my kids and having "freedom", they all swear it's one of the best products made for us weird people who spit out numerous babies at a time. I have yet to experience this freedom as I am still not comfortable going out (even on a walk) alone with them... but I will soon! I sometimes hate having to have other people with me when I go out with the babies and I look forward to being able to go out on my own with them. I have also come to realize having four babies gets you noticed regardless of how you transport them. The few times Bret and I have taken the babies out we have had the two twin snap and go strollers (each of us pushing two babies). We could put a little distance between us and attempt to make it look like two random parents each with a set of twins... yeah that doesn't work.

Me & my sarcastic thumbs up on our first outing!

Korbin gladly taking the front seat on the first ride!

Pros to having a Runabout besides the freedom? Other moms say we will be able to use this stroller until the babies are about 3 years old. There are lots of accessories (at additional cost of course) like a sun canopy & side panels and plastic weather shields making it easy to endure just about any weather. Each seat can recline making naps easy too.

Downside to having this stroller - they are not cheap. Thanks to you supporters and your generous donations we were able to buy this beast of a stroller that cost more than $1,000. Another downer is it doesn't fit inside the vehicle. You have to attach a hitch to the back of the van and LIFT the stinkin thing up onto it. I have practiced a few times (which I'm sure was entertaining to the neighbors) and am no pro just yet! Oh and did I mention you have to take the front baby out first? Yeah if you don't load front to back and unload back to front the whole thing tips backwards... although I have been warned by other moms, after our first walk what do I do? I take the front baby out first and the whole thing tipped back immediately. Luckily the basket was attached that helped stop it a bit and I was able to catch the front end fast enough. Yeah I know "Go Heather"... it will never happen again, promise!

Back to Front Korbin, Kylee, Baxlyn, & Brody!

Hopefully by the time RSV lockdown is over this bad boy will be my new best friend! Thanks again to all who helped us get our new stroller!

Sunday, October 4, 2009

Another Heart Attack For Mommy...

Some of you may recognize that familiar blog title, except this time it was Miss Kylee. Yesterday afternoon Bret left to go get lunch and I had Kylee cracking up, a little too much apparently. She refluxed and it came out of her mouth and both nostrils. Nothing is scarier than seeing your baby struggle to breathe for minutes. I ended up calling 911 and she had for the most part caught her breath by the time they got there. Her lungs sounded ok but they took her to be evaluated further in the emergency room. I was prepared for such a situation and had the "Baby Emergency Bag" ready (clothes, formula, toys, blankets, insurance info etc.) to send with the ambulance. I met little miss at the hospital and she appeared to be fine and let me tell you that girl had those paramedics wrapped around her little finger - and tight! After a few hours of watching her sats (blood oxygen saturation) and a few xrays she was released to go home, thank goodness. Ugh crazy babies keep me on my toes... that's for sure.
"I'm ok Mommy..."

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