Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Baby Update!

Sorry we were not able to post anything sooner, we know you are all going crazy to hear details and of course see pics! Sunday afternoon I felt a few contractions and did not think anything of it, after noticing they were constantly coming I informed the nurse. It wasn't long after that I was having mild cramping, and the doctor immediately put me on Terbutaline shots. Everything had calmed down by midnight but by Monday afternoon the symptoms had started up again. Doctor Leveno evaluated me and my cervix was dilated to a surprising 3.5 cm, and his exact word were "I think we are going to have some birthday parties today!" The babies were fine, I was just in active labor that couldn't be stopped. After he left the room I broke down into tears of worry and shock and we started to contact family and friends.

Proud Daddy! Look closely, you can see their 40 toes :)

Some of the staff scrubbing up.

Getting started....

Dr. Leveno handing off Baxlyn to one of her favorite nurses, Meredith!

The nurses came in and started their normal procedures to get me ready for the big event. We were scheduled to go into the OR between 5:00 and 5:30pm, after the epidural was in place I was ready to go. As I was wheeled down to the OR Bret and I were able to see the countless number of people, with cameras in hand and tears of joy and fear rolling, cheering us on. The team of 28 Doctors, Neonatologists, Nurses, Respiratory Therapists, NICU nurses, and other incredible hospital staff successfully helped bring our babies into the world between 6:14pm-6:16pm. Bret and I were very calm during the whole procedure, I was surprised at how Bret wanted to stand up and actually see what was going on as Dr. Leveno pulled each baby out. Tears of joy and relief streamed down my face as I heard each baby give a little cry as they came out. After a quick clean up and evaluation they brought each baby over to me for a look and a kiss. I remember thinking "This baby looks exactly like the last baby I kissed.... uh oh!"

We will be adding a video, hopefully tomorrow, of their first moments :)

Korbin - 6:16pm - 2lbs 11oz - 14"

Kylee Mae - 6:15pm - 2lbs 7oz - 14.5"

Baxlyn Hope - 6:15pm - 2lbs 10oz - 15"

Brody Coleman - 6:14pm - 3lbs - 15"

The surgery went very very well, I literally felt myself getting smaller as each one was born! When they let down the curtain, keeping me from seeing the procedure, I remember NOT seeing my baby belly and being able to feel my ribs again, it was great! My doctor and I both were a little concerned about excess bleeding during my surgery, but all went well - no blood transfusions! Bret went with the babies straight to the NICU after delivery, on their way they got to stroll by our friends and family who were anxiously waiting and hoping to get a glimpse. I was put into a recovery room for 2 hours to be watched closely by one of my favorite nurses, Betty Jo. At about 9:15 they took me to the NICU to see my babies. I think the second I hit the doorway my meds kicked in. I felt extremely tired and drained I could hardly keep my eyes open (literally) to greet them. When I woke up this morning, I couldn't picture their faces or remember who was in what bed in the NICU. After a few hours I was able to take a shower and go see them. Brody had a little bit of a rough time this morning. He was put on 100% oxygen for a brief period of time until they could get some testing done, so I wasn't able to touch him or let him be exposed to too much light. As I peeked carefully into his bed he slowly opened his eyes and just barely tilted his head enough to look me in the eye and tried really hard to cry. I will never forget that moment, I had to wipe my own tears off of his little "giraffe" bed as I stared back at him.

Currently Brody is stuggling and is not doing as well as expected. We will give deatils on his condition as we find out more. The girls are doing ok, Baxlyn is off the ventilator and on a CPAP, and she's dealing with a little bit of jaundice. Kylee had an uneventful night, which is good, the nurses said. Korbin is doing the best out of all of them and is off oxygen completey, however the give him a little bitty shot of it when he needs it. Bret and I went last night to be with them during "touch time" we went from baby to baby checking their temps (that was Daddy's job) and changing their little full wet diapers (that was mine!). Bret had gone last night by himself during touch time (because I was out of it) and held their little hands as the nurses showed him the temperature taking and diaper changing. It was fun, we did the work and it was good feeling like a little family as we took care of our babies together. One nurse mentioned it could be within just a few more days we can do "kangaroo care" with at least one or two of them! After taking her temp and changing her diaper, we got to spend a great deal of time with Baxlyn. I got to hold her tiny little hands, look into her eyes, rub her dark (YES DARK!) head of hair and kiss her little knee- which just hours ago was pressing against the inside of my tummy... oh I love her so! They are all soo beautiful, I must say! I have a hard time telling who is who between Baxlyn and Kylee. They both look just like Bret to me. Korbin looks similar but has a little bit lighter hair and what seems like, for now anyways, a lighter complexion. Brody is a little me :) he has a round face and his hair is a dirty blondish color. If you were to line them up, I could pick out Brody and Korbin, but I'm not too sure about the girls... give me a few more days!

Some of the crowd getting a glance as Daddy shows of Brody and Baxlyn!

Our Kylee holding my finger at about 3 hours old.

Bret and I in recovery.

Please Please contuinue to pray for the babies, especially our little Brody Love. We will keep you updated as we find out more. Thanks so much! Love you all!


  1. Bret and Heather,
    I cannot explain the happy feeling we all feel inside knowing you guys have made it this far! You did the best thing you possibly could for your babies. And let me tell you, thy are so beautiful! This is a hard time for the both of you with having them recently and the issues you are having to face each day of their lives. I personally Thank You for letting me be apart of this blessing! Last night was the most amazing experience EVER! (right behind the birth of my own child LOL) My Heart goes out to you for being so strong! And for Bret for such a Great Job he has been doing so you could recover! We Love You Guys and cannot wait to hold them babies in our arms! If you need anything...I am here 100%!

    With All My Love,

  2. I'm so happy for you! I"m sending you huge hugs! Can't wait to meet them. Let me knwo if you need anything at all, esp. any questions on teh NICU! Been there, done that!
    HUGE HUGS & lots of prayers for all of you,esp Brody!

  3. Bret and Heather,
    The kids and I wish we could be there with you! Colorado is just too far away but we send you LOTS of hugs!! :) Please know that you both and all those precious babies are in our prayers all the time, but especially now. We love you! Keep strong!
    Michelle, Aaron and Megan

  4. i cant stop looking at their pictures... i love love LOVE them :] & you and bret too!

  5. Praying!! Those are some GREAT weights Mommy!!! Good Luck in your recovery, take it slow!!! Much Love!

  6. I will keep you & your family in our prayers! They are adorable!
    Love, Cathy & our quads

  7. Congrats to the both of you guys we wish you the best of luck and everyone is in our prayers. Hang in there and things will be better soon! You have a great support system who will be sure to help you all stay strong. We will see you guys soon.

    Kenny & Kirston

  8. Heather and Brett, congratulations! They are soo precious!!! I cant wait to meet them!! Let me know if you need any help when you guys get home!! Or before! I am praying for you guys!!

    In Him,
    Ashley Sears

  9. Awww.. this is wonderful. They are precious and yes many prayers going your way for them to be home as soon as possible.
    Take care

  10. They are all so precious. I don't know you but I stumbled upon your blog and have been following it for a few weeks now. My 3 year old daughter and I look at and pray for your babies daily. She likes to pray for the babies in the NICU and when I tell her they got to go home she has the biggest smile. Sending out Love and Prayers from Oklahoma.

  11. Congrats on the beautiful babies! It is so much fun - enjoy every single second of it (it goes by so fast). We are praying for you guys!

    Jenn King

  12. Congrats you guys. We can't wait to see them. I show Arwen the pictures and all she does is point at the monitor and say "baby, baby" and Kat thinks they're adorable and precious and can't wait to meet them! We will continue praying for you guys and can't wait to meet the babies! Sending lots of hugs and love your way!

    - Salgado Family

  13. I'm so happy for you both! It's awesome that so many family and friends got to be there while you were delivering.

    Praying for your healing and an uneventful stay in the NICU....

    Love from KS,

  14. Cox Family,

    Congratulations on the arrival of your babies! Know that continued thoughts and prayers are with you all.

    I'm sure you still have some rough days ahead but stay strong in your faith. Those little ones are so fortunate to have such a strong support group.

    Donna Thompson

  15. Heather and Bret,
    Sheridan finally got back from her honeymoon and i was able to tell her the BIG NEWS!! We have been keeping up with your blog and both praying for yall! Sheridan wanted me to pass along CONGRATS for her... and let you know shes prayin'!! And I wanted to let you know you have four of the most precious babies I have ever seen... they all are so perfect! I wish you all the best... and MANY MANY MANY BLESSINGS (x4)!!
    Lots of Hugs,
    Magan and Sheridan

  16. OMGoodness they're so tiny and precious! Wow!


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