Thursday, May 30, 2013

Hard Working 4 Year Olds–Chore Charts!

Most of you have figured out by now I’m a bit of a germaphobic clean freak. People visit or see pictures online and ask how we keep our house so tidy with 5 kids. By no means is our housekeeping perfect, but I do put in a great effort to keeps things in order and I give the quads’ responsibilities too. With a family of seven and no budget for a housekeeper, everyone in our house pitches in to keep things nice. By starting them off little, I can only hope it’s not too big of a fight to get them to help when they’re older. At the age of four, it is fun and they all enjoy getting to help! Take a look here at the chores they were responsible for at age 3. chores9

I’ve continued to be happy making charts by using this website. They’re super easy and the quads love to color them! chores13


Baxlyn is a professional bed-maker. She is by far the most anal about cleaning and organizing everything to perfection. She’s always willing to lend a hand helping Kylee make her bed and Kylee is always up to let her…chores8

Them doing chores by no means indicates that I’m getting to relax. They usually all do their chores at the same time which mean I am plugging in the vacuum for this one, opening the Lysol wipes for this one while this one is needs help with something else. I long for the day they can have their list and do it all on their own, maybe age 5, ehh?! Below, Brody using the big cool vacuum…chores7

Kylee cleaning the kitchen counters…chores6

Baxlyn taking care of the wood floors – that vacuum is a lifesaver, I tell ya!chores5

This is another one perfect for this age, matching socks. I’m sure I’m not the only one who ends up with 33 individual socks after a few loads of laundry. I throw my random socks in this bin and then let the quads sort them and search for matches.chores4

We use our back deck on a regular basis. Between playing, swimming, entertaining friends and cooking out, it can always use a good tidy up!chores3

This is probably one of my favorites to hand off. Cleaning the bathroom floors. At four years old they still occasionally miss the toilet just enough to leave that nice odor in the bathroom. Ugh! Although a wipe down with a Lysol wipe from a four year old doesn’t clean to perfection, it get’s a temporary job done until I can truly mop. Nice work, Korbin!chores2

I’m always surprised to see people who are surprised at how well ours help out. Is it always fun, no. Are they perfect children, no.  I just reallllly think it’s important to teach them responsibility and preschool is by no means too young. We moms deserve a break!  If you make chore charts of your own, I’d love to see them. Leave me a comment/link below and I’ll be sure to check them out!


  1. All four of my children did chores from early childhood in much the same manner as yours! They could ALL run a home by the time they were 12 years old. Not that they ever had to but they KNEW how to do everything! When my oldest son and daughter lived together in an apartment for a few months, my daughter was upset at the mess her brother made! She told him, "You KNOW better than that!!! You had the SAME Mother I did!!"
    I personally think chores are a healthy idea!! Win! WIN! for everyone!!

  2. My kids love their chore charts too. They have their favorite chores though and get bummed when it isn't their week to do it!

  3. U are all sorts of amazing. Thanks for all the tips. I always learn a lot from you!

  4. You are a smart woman for teaching them to do chores at an early age. I wish I had done the same!

  5. Got my charts made and printed off. Easy peasy! Gonna get the kids started with their new charts on Monday. :) Thanks for the link!

  6. Great job on getting the quadruplets involved with helping a little bit around the house. The chore chart and stars are a brilliant idea, thanks for the link. When your children become adults they will be grateful that are in the routine of doing these simple chores. It is important to make things fun, good job.

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