Sunday, April 17, 2011

March of Dimes 2011

I walked right into my late 20's bright and early Saturday morning (thanks all for the birthday wishes!) accompanied by some great friends, adorable kiddos, beautiful weather and all for a GREAT cause! The March of Dimes March for Babies walk was a huge success this year and the day was just about as close to perfect as it could get. We spent a lot of time answering questions and posing for well as many "not posing for pics"... there had to have been hundreds of pictures taken of the babies that went home on other peoples cameras. Sheesh! We met several new faces, friends of friends and blog followers, people who "knew" us via the computer.

A view from the sky (Fox 4 News) showed the thousands of people who came together to walk. People of all ages, many affected by prematurity and other birth defects. People, like us, who walked in honor of their healthy babies and people who walked in memory of their angels who never made it home. Sooo many people all to support the research and funding for healthy babies... simply amazing.

Below: Trysta's awesome Big Brother Hayden with dad Jamie, handsome lil' Will & Trysta all lookin' cute in her matching hair bow!

We had a total of 9 adults and 8 kids with us, 7 of them being ages 2 and under! Between the 6 car choo choo wagon and 3 single strollers, each baby was ridin' in style. Trysta, Levi & Will had a blast riding in the choo choo while the quads took turns livin' the life of a singleton in a "normal" stroller!

We saw many familiar faces along the way, hospital staff and other Medical Center of Plano NICU graduates. I've had several opportunities to go back to our NICU since being discharged and I've talked with and cried with other parents whose tiny babies were just barely holding on. This weekend I got to see some of those same parents walking with their little miracle babies just beaming with pride!

At one point we had all 7 babies in the choo choo, which made for a must-have photo! Unlike last year we didn't have to stop for feedings, we just filled each cup holder in each wagon full of goldfish and cheerios...easy peasy!

Below Kylee & Brody. Will lovin' the view in the choo choo. Kylee saw a "woof woof" so you know we HAD to stop! Sweet Trysta sippin' some H2O! All 7 of the littles Trysta, Baxlyn, Korbin, Kylee, Levi, Will & Brody!

Bret and I sincerely want to thank all of you supported our walk by donating money THANK YOU! Another thanks to those who walked with us, we hope you consider joining us again next year as we strive to make this an annual event and help to raise awareness!

Last but not least we want to especially thank Mike with Prosper Marketing for providing our awesome team shirts! Last year we made our own shirts with iron ons and well, they didn't last long. This year Mike and his company provided us with high quality t-shirts with our logo on them and I have no doubt they'll be around a while! If you are local and are ever in need of custom made shirts (or any other gear for the matter) I highly recommend Prosper Marketing, they've got a HUGE selection and were SO easy to work with! Check out their site here!

Thanks again to EVERYONE, EVERYWHERE who had a hand in supporting the March of Dimes this year!

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