Wednesday, March 26, 2014


We’ve been busy, as always. Life just seems to get crazier as the kids get older! The quads are still enjoying pre-school. I feel like the school year JUST got started and here we are in the final couple of months. We had a nice break over spring break. Sometimes I worry them waking at 6:30am during the week will get them in a bad habit, I was presently  surprised when they slept in during spring break. Blade is a great sleeper-inner too but I have to wake him up to take the quads to school and wake him up again from his morning nap again to go get them. Lucky for me, the quads still nap faithfully every afternoon, something we’ll have to work on this summer, I suppose. Kindergarten will be a real wake up call, that’s for sure!

They’re still enjoying tee ball as well, I am SO happy we signed them up. Makes me so proud to watch them! Here’s a picture from their game this past weekend. Next to snack, of course, their favorite part of the game is getting in the huddle to yell “Go Pirates!” on the count of three.

quads teeball

Bret has been working for a couple of weeks on building our first garden. Although I’m not a huge veggie eater, I’m really excited to see how well we can do at this whole garden thing. After Saturday’s game, the quads helped us plant a variety of foods including strawberries, tomatoes, cherry tomatoes, lots of onions, cabbage…etc. Now it’s just keeping them OUT of it so they all have a chance to grow!

My three little men, getting down and dirty while helping Daddy get the garden framed…


Love love this one of Blade. He’s learned to smile on cue. You can hold up just about any object as if it’s a camera and he cheeses so big! He’s especially proud here because he’s posed by Brooke. It’s not too often he can catch up with her!

cheeser blade

Busy bees… yes, still in their uniforms ;)


Love this shot of Kylee & Brooke, too. I walked out back to do a kid count and looked down to see these two spending some quality time together. Not sure how I was lucky enough to have time to run and get my phone!

kylee brooke

I’m hoping our garden luck far exceeds our fish tank luck. We said good bye to our 4th fish this morning, I actually haven’t even broken the news to the quads yet. Baxlyn & Blade are the only two with their original fish they brought home on the quads’ birthday. I blogged about Brody’s fish passing. It wasn’t but maybe two weeks later that Kylee’s croaked nearly right in front of her eyes. We had company over and Kylee ran into the kitchen “I think my fish DIED!” Thinking she was mistaken, we all casually walked over to the tank… sure enough, her fish was laying there giving it’s last few wiggles. Luckily Kylee took it well. Uncle Chris (aka Uncle Rufus) led all the kiddos in a little good bye ceremony at the toilet before sending him off.

fish ceremony

We’ve tested our water over the last few weeks and all seemed well. Last night I noticed little “Fishmo” was not looking so great, we tested and our nitrate was a bit high, we’re trying to figure it all out before we lose any more fish. I have to say we are doing something right when it comes to Baxlyn’s sucker fish as hers has nearly quadrupled in size since we got it – I assume that’s a good sign?! I tried to get a pic, but of course, he/she wouldn’t cooperate!

More to come!

**One a side note, please throw up a prayer for my dad. He is having some concerning health issues. Pray for peace and for guidance for our family and the doctors. Thanks!**


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