Friday, December 12, 2014

Advent Calendar Fun! {Jesus Is Awesome}

I helped host a Shopping Night last month for our local Moms of Multiples group. One of our vendors made these AWESOME Advent calendars and I knew I had to have one the moment I saw them. We’ve always had Advent calendars of some kind whether it be opening little boxes to see what’s inside each day or a simple move-the-marker-to-the-next-date on the Christmas decoration that is hung on the wall but this, this was so unique! There are 30 (I believe) lesson cards to chose from and each lesson highlights a specific attribute of Jesus (Jesus Loved His Neighbors, Jesus Was Obedient, Jesus Cares For You…etc.). Each card has several Bible verses on it that corresponds with the lesson along with kid-friendly discussion questions followed by an easy, low or no cost activity that ties back to the lesson’s theme!



Although there are plenty of cards to do a lesson and activity every day of the month, that just ain’t happening at our house ;) My goal, this year at least, is to do at least one a week. Our first lesson was “Jesus Is Awesome”.


The babes were so excited about the new calendar! We gathered together in the living room, spent a few short minutes reading our verses and answering the given questions and moved on to the activity for the day. In this particular lesson we read several verses in the Bible about how awesome Jesus is. We then discussed awesome, wonderful, beautiful things we’ve seen and why they amaze us. Our activity for this lesson was homemade snow-globes!


The back of the lesson card listed all the supplies we needed (which I just happened to have at home already!) as well as the directions for making our globes!


We gathered our jars, glitter, glue gun and small figurines we found around the house and each kid choose which they wanted…


Korbin was the only one who wanted his snow-globe to be Christmas themed. He found a wooden Christmas-looking tree from their train set to use. We simply hot glued the figurine to the inside of the jar’s lid, filled the jar with water, added a few pinches of glitter, screwed the lid on really tight and gave them a shake! It was as simple as that and they turned out super cute!


Brody chose this little army man. We had to chop his legs off in order for him to fit into the jar, but it worked ;)


Our finished products…









Blade (Elmo, but of course!)


It’s been several days since we made our snow-globes and they’ve held up well. I was afraid the kids would try to unscrew the lids (because that’s what anyone’s kids would do, right?!) so at first I attempted to add glue to the lids and then screw them on really fast so they’d be stuck for good. Yeah, don’t do that. It was a mess and I couldn’t get the lid to seal at all. I just tightened them really well and, luckily, the kids haven’t messed with them.





If you’re interested in having one of these awesome advent calendars for yourself (or a loved one!), check out Laura's Etsy shop by clicking here! If you feel it’s too late to order one for the holiday season, order one anyways! The calendars can actually be used year round. The large card that reads “Let Every Heart Prepare Him Room” can be replaced with this one…


The lesson card clip can hold a family photo throughout the year until you start the lesson cards again! The black area at the top right is a little chalkboard so you can write whatever you wish. LOVE!


We’ll share our next Advent Adventure soon!

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