Wednesday, December 3, 2014

Kylee: Home Sweet Home!

Kylee was discharged yesterday afternoon as planned. She is happy to be home and feeling great! While her wheelchair is a wonderful help to us, unfortunately, Kylee can’t wheel herself. Her left hand (aka “Lefty”) can’t quite grasp and rotate the wheel like her right hand so the poor girl goes in circles when she tries to get anywhere alone! I was hoping that eventually she’d be able to crawl from place to place but to my surprise, she was already crawling all over the place within an hour of being home!

So far, she’s only had pain medication one time in the hospital. She’s not complaining a bit. Brody & Korbin also came out of surgery requiring no pain meds during recovery... Bret and I are thinking they may all have a high pain tolerance due to all they went through during NICU and those first few years. Who knows… I’m just glad she’s feeling good!


Here are the quads saying a special thanks to the Self Family for having dinner delivered last night after we came home. Thank you so much!


While she’s glad to be home, Kylee wouldn’t have hesitated to stay at the hospital. I’m always amazed by Cooks and the love that every person there has to offer. It’s truly an amazing place and I’m so thankful we have such a wonderful place so close to home where our kids can be treated with the best care. Yesterday morning, Chanel (the therapy dog who was there for their first round of “in office” Botox) came to see her. She walked right in, hopped up on Kylee’s bed and would have stayed all day if they had let her. Those of you who know Kylee, know she loves loves animals so this made her day!


After a nice pancake breakfast, Kylee was able to ditch her IV pole for a while and venture downstairs where she met…..SANTA! She spent a good ten minutes with him talking, telling him all about Pita, her brothers and sister, our tree and what she wanted for Christmas. This was the first year she wasn’t scared at all – I thought we would never get there ;)

kylee ans santa cooks

After meeting him, she decorated some ornaments in the library and chose to go back to give them to Santa. Never hurts to get on his good side, I guess ;) He told her he loved them and that he would take them back to the North Pole to show his busy elves…


After leaving Santa we ran into Ralph, Chanel’s quadruplet brother, for the first time! We have heard so much about Chanel’s siblings and how they are all therapy dogs. Kylee was thrilled!


It wasn’t long after our fun throughout the hospital that Kylee started feeling uncomfortable. Although she was back in her bed, the fun continued. She was visited by a group of pilots who all showered her with gifts and shortly after that, two clowns came to entertain her! I’m telling you, their patients treated so wonderfully and they give kids every reason to NOT want to go home!


 Kylee was supposed to return to school on Monday but is she continues to do great, she may go back on Friday. She will go back in 2 weeks for a follow up with Dr. Mayfield and should get her cast off after 6 weeks. Thank you all so much for your kind words and prayers! Bret and I are hoping this is our last surgery for a while, as I’m sure our insurance is too ;)


  1. All I can say is thank you Jesus! This is wonderful!

  2. We thank everyone for all the prayers and well wishes, and we give all the glory to God. God is so good!!


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