Sunday, June 5, 2011

Summer fun (and fights) with a water hose!

Bret and I came home today from a short 1.5 day getaway to Austin. Our friends Justin & Mallory tied the knot and we were able to share in the celebration of their marriage. It was a beautiful wedding and I'm so glad we had the opportunity to go. Congrats guys! A HUGE thank you to Nana, Papa, Bethany & Mamaw for taking shifts and taking care of the quads. It's super nice to get away and not have to worry about them! We took the quads over to Papaw's house today where they got to have their first hands-on water hose experience! We beat the heat and it made for some super cute pictures...

What you don't see in these pics is Brody to the right of Baxlyn. Rather than try to drink out of the moving hose that three others were fighting for, he thought it was much easier to bend over and suck the water straight off the ground out of the mud puddle....niiiiiicee Brody, nice!

We set the hose down to let them play and within seconds we had a brother sister battle going on. It's pretty funny watching two year olds fight over a hose. Neither one of them have really had any "hose time" in their life so they weren't aware that one little flick of the wrist meant an unexpected face full of cold water! As they pulled back and forth in a tug-of-war, one would get splashed, drop the hose, gasp for air, scream and start' again. Their facial expressions say it all!

Budders and Sissers :]

Here's Bret demonstrating some over the head, water fun. Check out Brody's face as he watches and says "Dat Fuhhhnny!"

Ahhh... summer... I think it's gonna be a good one!

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  1. Those are HILARIOUS!I especially love the ones of Baxyln and Brody. Yep, summer's gonna be good :)


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