Sunday, June 12, 2011

A few random pics to hold you over...

Rather than leave you with nothing while on vacation, I thought I'd share a few random pictures taken over the past few months. Some may be repeats for all my facebook peeps!

Taking a stroll on a sunny day!

Just this past week, Korbin learned how to climb fell out of his crib. Unlike Baxlyn, when I found him he wasn't beaming with pride. From the look of his right eye it was a tough landing. Needless to say, he hasn't tried it since...

Splish Splash!
Their first swim of the summer!

Kylee LOVES accessories!

The coolest quad on the block, Baxlyn.

This is what happens when a triplet mom and a quad mom go to a children's museum that has the smallest elevator in the world.... babies go down on one trip and the choo choos on the next! Yeah...that didn't cause a scene.

The boys have had many many haircuts and this was Brody's first time to be brave and sit in the chair all by himself! (The lump you see under his cape is, of course, Dudu!)

How sweet is this? 2 brothers and their rolly polly!

Water sprinkler or a quad-friendly water fountain?

Four wheeler fun at Pa-paws! Kylee wanted NOTHING to do with it, poor girl!

Lil' explorers...

It's nice to see a little love among all the fighting these days :]

Working together for a GOOD cause, doesn't happen often!

We took the quads to one of my dad's softball games a couple of weeks ago. I grew up on the ball fields watching him play and it was about time my kids experienced it too! Love this one of Brody & Kylee watching him bat - Go Papa!

After the game we let them out on the field. Rather than roam what do they decide to do?? Clean. Yup, four 2 year olds on a ball field and they chose to clean. Below is Baxlyn using her foot to smear away the "yucky" lines someone put there...

While she's doing that we look over and notice Korbin is trying desperately to sweep the dirt out of the dugout with his lil' hands...

Before we knew it they were all in the dugout picking up and throwing away cups and trash the players had left behind...

This picture is SO Baxlyn, trying to juggle as many cups as she possible can!

Kylee with the Tew boys at the zoo. She talks constantly about Emmett. From the looks of this picture he's got a lil' crush on her too! Looks like he's saying "Back off Bro, this one's mine!" Lunch with their BFF, Levi James.

I'll leave you with one of the latest. This was a trip to Walmart. We passed through this section and in an instant I had a stroller full of toddlers yelling "Hats! Hats! Haaatttsss!!!" No sweeties, those are not hats!

Until next time!!

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