Friday, June 15, 2012

20 Weeks – Sweet #5

We’re officially half way there! 20 weeks down and hopefully another 20 to go! It’s flown by so far which is great in a way but we still have A LOT to get done before this baby gets here. I’m still feeling good and getting more and more energy back as time goes on. I’m happy to say I no longer depend on my zofran for sickness, something I could never say with the quads. My PB&J addiction has subsided and I feel pretty back to normal as far as appetite goes – although I have a dang big one naturally ;) I’m feeling more and more kicks now too, which it SO EXCITING! They are still few and far between. With Brody, Baxlyn, Kylee & Korbin I felt things constantly. When one would move it would tend to cause a chain reaction and they all would readjust…although it never bothered me, it was non-stop! Unfortunately I was only able to hold the quads for about 2 months after I started feeling them. I look forward to feeling this lil’ one inside of me for a long time and I’m hoping any day now, Bret will have the chance to feel the baby from the outside too!

I went for our big 20 week appointment yesterday… still funny to me that a “Big” appointment in a singleton pregnancy is an ultrasound that lasts about 20-30minutes! 20 WK PROFILEIt was a nice break from my everyday life, laying calmly in dim light talking quietly with the sonographer and watching my little baby float about. I can’t help but wonder what he’s thinking in there (is he thinking at all!?) Is he bored? Is he lonely? All those (silly) little things that constantly keep me in wonder as I easily easily make my way through this “normal” pregnancy. You’ll notice I used “he” quite a bit…. our 13 week suspicion was confirmed 100%… it is definitely a BOY! 20 WK MB

  Everything looked perfectly healthy for our little man. Fluids, chambers of the heart, brain, bladder, kidneys….etc. all checked out just fine. He is measuring a little on the big side at 13oz putting him in the 84th percentile! Here’s a little shot at the bottom of his sweet little feet (one being at an angle so looks smaller)…20 WK FEET Everyone has asked about names. Have we picked out any names yet and are we going to stick with the B&K thing?! We have 1, maybe 2 that we’re contemplating but we’re not sharing just yet with the world. We’re not set on using a “B” or a “K” to match the quads but ya never know! I think we had all 4 names picked out for the quads by this point (at least 3) but this time, maybe because we just pick ONE, is a bit harder!

Here’s a 20 week belly shot… with Kylee in on the action! As I went to take the pic, she was walking down the hall, saw me and turned to touch my belly. Occasionally she feels for a split second and exclaims “Oh, he kick me!” although I know she hasn’t truly felt anything just yet. She’s the closest to “getting it” and is the most excited out of the 4.  I’ve grown quite a bit since 18 weeks for sure and “Holy Molar”, as Brody would say, in comparison to 13 weeks but am still managing to stay in my non-pregnancy jeans…well one very low-cut pair at least! I’ll have a comparison picture of quads verses singleton for ya next week!20 WK BELLY

Thanks for the unending support during this exciting time! We’ll update more soon!


  1. I still can't believe you guys are having another baby! I'm so excited! This little one will have the best big brothers and sisters in the world!

  2. Haha, Kylee so cute down there

  3. The picture of kylee touching your belly is precious.


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