Monday, June 4, 2012

Kylee & Baxlyn’s 1st Haircuts!

I’ve gotten pretty ehh…decent at cutting the boys’ hair with the clippers at home but occasionally we take them in for a “professional” do. This trip we decided we would take the girls along as well for their very first cuts. Those of you who “know” our babies, know that Miss B has had some slightly different hair over her three years. Kylee’s pretty good in the hair department but Baxlyn definitely needed a good trim to cut off the excess hair that came in MONTHS before the rest of it. I personally didn’t like the idea of cutting Kylee’s hair but Daddy insisted. She’s got the most precious baby curls (hard to see in these pics as she was freshly bathed) and I was terrified to lose them.

Korbin gladly decided to go first…haircuts 010 The girls watching closely as brave Korbin got his hair cut.haircuts 012 Miss B watched for just a minute and made herself comfortable on a cushion with the kids’ books while happily volunteering OTHERS to go next to get their cuts.haircuts 029

I thought that if anyone would give us a problem it would be Kylee. I thought for sure she would get scared and that would be my ticket to not having her hair cut ;) I was wrong. She was excited and hopped right up in that chair like a pro! Besides not keeping her head in one spot for more than 1.3 seconds for the lady, she did great!

haircuts 016  We only cut about an inch off of her hair and her beautiful curls are still intact!haircuts 041haircuts 061

Kylee & Korbin – who is quick to ham it up for the camera nowadays!

haircuts 071

Brody was 3rd to have his hair cut and did great as well. The dude has so many cow licks (and his lil’ famous swirl in the front) but the hairdresser was able to work around him and make him look just as handsome as can be :)

haircuts 062

At this point, I was over prepping Baxlyn, letting her know that there were no other kids to be cut and that it was her turn. I turned around to find Brody (my little cleaner) helping sweep up the remaining hair on the floor, sweet guy!haircuts 080

Baxlyn did good with her haircut as well. Wasn’t afraid but refused to give the camera a smile…haircuts 059We cut about 3 inches off the longest part of her hair which left her with a straight cut across the back. Notice Brody admiring from the side…       haircuts 074My foursome after their haircuts enjoying their suckers…  haircuts 084 The 2 days prior to their haircuts they had been talking nonstop about waffles. We haven’t had them (frozen, of course) at the house in a while, someone mentioned them and it stuck. I had gone to the grocery store the day before and forgot to buy them and boy oh boy did they et me know! As a reward for doing so great during their haircuts we all, including Daddy, went to the store on the quest for waffles. haircuts 095

Here they are spread out among the frozen food aisle in search of their waffles. I’m always amazed at the simple things that stick out to them, being a quadruplet. As we walked in the store Brody exclaimed “We not in duh stwoller!” he was beyond thrilled they had the freedom to walk, which doesn’t happen when I’m alone with them. I had taken Korbin to Target the other day, just me and him, and that was the thing he was excited about too. He had glanced over and seen an 8 year old across the store and said “She walk like ME!!!” I couldn’t help but laugh as I’m sure the clerk was left wondering why my three year old was so overly impressed another (bigger) kid could walk. Ohhh….the life of a singleton ;)haircuts 097haircuts 100

  They found the waffles and we pulled the biggest box we could off of the shelf. Little, but oh so mighty, Baxlyn insisted she was going to carry the box to the register herself. The lil’ 28 pounder carrying a box half her size was on the verge of losing her pants the whole way but managed to make it a good 20 feet before handing it off to someone else… haircuts 108 haircuts 112haircuts 117 I wish I would have gotten a picture of Brody’s face. He couldn’t see at all where he was going but he was proudly grinning ear to ear while helping carry the waffles! This lil’ dude, by the way, doing GREAT with his braces!haircuts 114

As challenging as these 3 year old days are, I love seeing them get so excited over the little things. Who would have thought a trip to the grocery store to buy a box of waffles could be such a FUN family event…. ahh so blessed!

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  1. Such a sweet post! Their hair looks great and who knew waffles were so exciting! Love the updates!!


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