Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Hard Working 3 Year Olds – Chore Charts!

One thing I love about the quads getting older is their ability to do more for themselves. Going from having 4 helpless needy tiny infants to having a small somewhat helpful cleaning crew of my very own has been a great change!   It’s a constant battle between them on who is going to help with the laundry, who gets to sweep and who will get to do Mommy a “favor” next. To help organize their help and to help cut down on the fights I implemented a chore chart for each of them. Not only does this help them see which specific chores are theirs, in the end I’m hoping they learn responsibility, teamwork and that they have an important role in keeping the household running just as Mommy & Daddy do.

I had no idea on where to start with making a chore chart, especially when trying to make four charts, all different while keeping them as simple and easy to understand as possible. A friend of mine sent me to THIS SITE that does everything for you! It has super easy to follow steps and in the end you are left with a cute, personalized chore chart for each of your kiddos!

My next task was thinking of actual chores they could do – a lot harder than you’d think. I started with 3 chores per kid. They did the same 3 chores everyday for the entire week and I’ll change it up each week so they all get to do different things and learn they can share in the responsibilities. Let’s face it, although scrubbing toilets is not on their charts yet, nobody is gonna want to own that job on a daily basis when it is added to their list!

Below is Miss Kylee proudly pointing to her Ernie chore chart. Her chores this first week were to make her bed, clean the kitchen counters & sweep the entryway. I gave them all the first chore of making their beds which is expected to be done before breakfast in the morning. Honestly (and as expected) they suck at it and it would be WAY easier for me to go behind them and make them like I have in the past but I’m trying to remember the lesson they’re learning in it all. The neat freak in me struggles to see their upside-down pillow, crooked comforters and imperfectly folded blankets and leave them – but I do!  chores 143

Some of the chores they are able to complete by themselves with just a little direction. Kylee, for example, knows just where the “little sweep” is and can get it and complete her chore all on her own while I work with the others on theirs. chores 190

A little blurry, but here’s a close up of Brody’s chart. In addition to making his bed in the morning, he got to vacuum the bedrooms and wash the bathroom sink. For each chore completed they get a sticker of their choice to put on their chart, which they love. Other than that, we’re not doing any kind of reward system for doing their chores. I think it’s ok to teach them chores are not a choice or a “favor” you’re doing anyone but something that’s expected of you.chores 195

Here’s the Broman hard at work cleaning the bathroom sink. I’m not allowing them to use any sprays or Lysol wipes at this point, a simple baby wipe will do! He’s had the hardest time of them all, understanding that there are no more chores to do once his 3 are completed. I could easily give him a list of 20 chores and he’d happily move from one to the other!

chores 182

If you know Brody (both boys for that matter) you know he has loved to sweep and vacuum since he was able to stand on his little two feet. Rarely do we go out into a public place where he doesn’t try to sweep or clean something in some way. Whether it’s being intrigued by someone sweeping at a restaurant, the hair salon or hospital hallway he is always ready and willing to lend a helping hand in the cleaning department! That’s right ladies, I’m raising the perfect man ;)

chores 163

Korbin’s chores for the week were to make his bed, clean the front door & clean the quad table.chores 153

   Between waiting for Daddy to arrive home, looking at birds & waving to the garbage men faithfully, our front door is constantly covered with 32,000 tiny handprints and definitely deserves a spot on someone's chart. This chore is one that is done by me on a daily basis and it’s nice to be able to hand it off to one of the causes themselves ;) I’ll admit when nap time comes around this is one of the jobs I re-do. Again…the lesson their learning, right?!

chores 011

Scrub a dub dub!chores 200chores 155           

Baxlyn’s chores for the week, in addition to making her bed, were to clean the back door & to vacuum the living room. Although she doesn’t complain about her chores a bit, she has a more typical look at having to do them. She’ll do it but has no desire to keep asking for more and more work like the others. She’s impressed me multiple times as I’ve gone in to get them in the morning and she proudly says “I made my bed, Mommy!” without me even asking!

Bs chores 001Bs chores 022

Of all the chores listed, vacuuming is by far the most special. Here’s my little B cleaning the living room floors – which, for now, look like the floors of a daycare playroom. Not too much longer and I’ll have my nice “living room” looking living room back ;)

Bs chores 042      Bs chores 033  My next goal is to come up with some kind of age-appropriate behavior chart/reward-consequence system. Again, not really a clue where to start but I’ll come up with something soon. If you’ve got any (positive) input or would like to share how you work with your toddlers, I’m all ears…..or ugh…eyes in this case! For you Moms like me who need help in the Chore Chart department, take a look at the link I post above!


  1. Love this blog Heather! You're doing a fantastic job with these kiddos. Keep up the good work! Love, Sis (AKA Aunt Beth)

  2. Very cute and simple. I've struggled to keep something up for the girls because I kept making the system too complicated.

    One tip... I buy spray bottles with vinegar and water. About 1 part vinegar to 3 parts water. I even put some essential oils to make it smell good. Lemon oil or peppermint oil. Tea Tree oil will even make it a disinfectant. All natural and if they get some in their mouth it won't hurt a thing. My girls LOVE being able to spray. Plus it's cheap so when they spray and spray and spray... you can just refill and keep on moving.

    I want to make this glass cleaner and try it out when I run out of windex. I don't let them use windex so I can't wait to have them wash the glass front door with this natural version! http://www.crunchybetty.com/battle-of-the-homemade-glass-cleaners

  3. Here is a site I found for positive parenting and charts. I have been looking at stuff for Everest(and Irelyn!)

  4. Thanks Amanda & Kennedy Clan for sharing those sites!

  5. sorry I didnt get to add this site a friend recommended. I haven't tried it yet, but she said its working for her and her 3 year old!

  6. Maybe it would help to have pictures next to the chores so they can "read" the chart themselves. Just a thought. Beautiful children!

  7. Great post! Thank you for sharing. I love your blog and all that you offer your followers.

  8. Hi, I'm a lurker who's been following your blog for awhile. (sorry!) I've only commented a couple times, I think. I have 3 kids and have done many different types of charts with my boys (5 and almost 7 yrs old). I've done charts with pictures of each behavior I'm targeting (I cut out pics from magazines). I've let them decorate their own charts. As they've gotten older and each has had specific issues that we wanted to target, we've made specific charts.

    For example, my youngest son had a lot of trouble with potty training~esp the pooping part. So he had a Poo-Poo chart and got a sticker on it everytime he went on the potty. By the end of the chart, he was going all the time on the potty and he earned a big prize that he chose to work for! (Big for us is a $10 prize) We've had listening charts, attitude charts, be-kind-to-your-brother charts, anything! We have a family chore chart, too.

    We also do Star in the Jars. Each boy got to decorate their own clear jars (from the dollar store) and I bought glass star marbles (also dollar store!). They get stars in their jars for good behaviors (quick listening, kind words/works, etc) and we set a number of how many stars they have to get to get a prize. Start small with younger kids, make it harder as they get older. Then they get to pick a prize out of our prize bucket which has dollar section prizes~stickers, pencils, little notepads, books,or extra story, stay up extra 15 min, etc. The reward system works wonders for behaviors!!

    Sorry for the "book", just wanted to share as we've had a lot of success with charts!


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