Saturday, February 21, 2009

5 Days Old and Truckin' Along!

We figured we would write a little while waiting for the NICU to open. Last night was hard on both of us when we went home. Although I had been at the hospital for 3.5 weeks, I felt I was leaving too soon. I wish I could have made it farther, but as we know it's all in God's timing. When we got home it was bittersweet looking at their car seats and cribs - empty. On the other hand we now can picture the 4 little beautiful faces that will be in them one day. When we opened the front door we saw several dozen pink and red roses on our sofa table displayed nicely with "Welcome Home Heather" signs, thanks Mom and Sis, that was so sweet! After lots of praying and a few dozen tears, we were able to get a good nights rest.

Now for updates on the babies! It's been a good day. We called first thing this morning and talked to Brody's nurse. He is doing well. The doctors found air around his lungs and had to insert a tube directly into his chest to help retract it and it is working well. The nurses are able to position him just right to where the air is pressed up to to the tube and out. His lungs still look a little cloudy and have a ways to go, but they are definitely looking better. YAY Brody!

I got to hold Baxlyn last night for an hour and a half! She was snuggled up in a blanket and we just sat there and talked... and talked... and talked! She would open her eyes and try her best to look around and make little bitty noises every once in a while as she stretched and breathed, it was so sweet. I got to kiss her little head and touch her little bitty tiny cheeks! The nurse put a BIG O' "Bow Hat" on her... the little NICU hat with a bow bigger than her head! I took pics and will post them soon :) Bret got to hold her today, he did very well... a little nervous to move her around, but he did well!

Kylee Mae, goodness she has decided to step it up in the past 24 hours. Last night when we were here she went from her ventilator to CPAP, yay Kylee! This morning we called and she had already moved up to the nasal canula, yipee Kylee! This also means, no more horror movie on mute, we are going to hear her screaming!

Korbin is doing about the same. He is still on his CPAP, but forgets to breath a little more often than he should. He and Kylee were very content while we were in today so we didn't mess with them too much!

That's all the news for now. Thank you for the prayers and please keep them coming, we can never have too many. Thank you NICU nurses for being so great and loving our babies, we know they are in the best hands possible :)

Bret and Heather


  1. You are so welcome for the roses! We are so proud of and happy for you guys! What an awesome journey you are on and growing closer to God by the minute is the best part! Keep your focus on the Lord and He will guide you,comfort you and rejoice with you along the journey! Love ya, Sis

  2. it would be hard being away from the hospital but i;m sure you miss your own bed etc wont be long and your babies will be home to fill the car seats and cribs and than you will have no sleep and being constantly changing diapers and feeding but it will be all worth it, my little girl was born 5 weeks early in dec and she spent 3 weeks in scn and the nurses were great you will get use to their size all the best my thoughts and prayers to you your husband and the babies they are fighters and you kept them in as long as you could you did a awesome job take care

  3. Way to go Brody, keep up the good work big man! I know the NICU is a roller coaster ride but you guys are doign great!! LOVE YOU

  4. Hope you are all doing fine.Our Prayers are with you. Love Uncle Mack And The Bernice, Carol, Nickie and girls.

  5. We hope you are doing fine. Our prayers are with all of you. Love Uncle Mack,and the Arndt Family

  6. Praying for all your babies, they are BEAUTIFUL, I pray they will all be coming home soon healthy and happy, get ready, it's going to be VERY busy. We have heard all about from our good friends, Rich and Nancy Goff, they have been praying hard for all of you. We will continue to pray for all of you. Love and Blessings, Marilyn and John DiStefano---Port Saint Lucie, Florida


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