Thursday, February 26, 2009

Small Update

Thank you everyone for your prayers. Brody and Kylee had another brain scan this morning and we should know the results sometime this afternoon. When they told us they had levels 3 and 4 they said there's a good chance they could have cerebral palsy and/or developmental or learning disorders... however, it could mean God can completely heal their little bodies and they can live a "normal" healthy life. We will leave that up to him. Whatever the outcome, Bret and I know we will not be given more than we can handle and we are ready for whatever God has planned for us and our babies and we will love them each unconditionally no matter what their state.

Kylee had another type of brain scan yesterday because she has been having a lot of bradycardias (she forgets to breathe and her heart rate drops). When she bradys the machines start beeping like crazy and the nurses watch her closely. Sometimes she will catch back up on her own and get a few good deep breaths in to get back on track, other times they have to go in and physically stimulate her. Although it's very common among preemies she was having more than usual. She has been given little shots of caffeine to help her stay a little more alert, but she's still having lots of bradys. The brain scan they did checked for signs of seizures. Thank goodness the results were normal and everything looks fine... she's just taking her time getting this whole breathing thing down... oh it's tough being a preemie!

Brody's little chest tube (used to vent the air from his lungs) was clamped for a day or so to see how his body would handle it, it did well but they had to unclamp it again because of more air build up. Please continue to pray that his lungs get stronger. He is still under his photo therapy light due to his jaundice and still has to wear his stylin' sunglasses. Every once in a while he gets a little break and can take them off to peek around (as seen in the picture below with his baby). When Bret and I talk to him, even though he's heavily sedated, he can open his little eyes and try to find us. When we hold his little hand he grasps our finger, and when we gently push on the bottom of his feet his will stretch them out and push against us as if doing a little workout. It's these simple things that gives us hope for him and his little sick body :)

Baxlyn and Korbin are doing well. Korbin should be off his dreaded CPAP anytime now and on a nasal canula like his big sisters. He got to start eating yesterday... YAY! Kylee and Baxlyn have been eating for several days now, they're up to a whoppin' 5cc's! The three of them were off their photo therapy lights and then Miss Kylee's jaundice started coming back. Rather than making her lay in a diaper under the light, they swaddled her in a photo therapy blanket so she's much more comfortable. She looks like a little glow worm in her bed!

Here are a few pics of the quads with their first babies! My sister gave me my first baby when I was born and now she has done the same for my babies. I know they will love them forever Sis, thank you!

Korbin chillin' with his baby!
(sorry don't know why the boy's pics are sideways)

Brody Love and his baby!

Sweet Baxlyn and her baby!

And Miss Kylee snuggled with her baby!

That's the update for now! Bret and I currently have the prayer pager from our church, we keep it with us so people can page us to let us know they have just prayed. You can put in any random number you choose, we do not look at the phone numbers, call back, or try to figure out who it was. It is just a good reminder every time we hear it or feel it vibrate that someone just prayed. 972.209.1704
Thanks a million,
Bret and Heather


  1. That is such an awesome thing your church has going! I just sent you a message! Please know you have people all over praying for you and your precious beautiful babies!!!

  2. God is good...and those little babies are resilient. Keep believing - your four angels will continually amaze you!
    Praying for you in Canada!

  3. We are thinking about you today! You are on our minds and in our prayers!! Stay strong and smile!

  4. Wow! I just got an email from Bethany. Over 400 people praying!! Thats great! God is amazing! You both are wonderful parents and have lots of support around you. Praying from WI!

  5. If it were up to the girls, your prayer pager would be going off nonstop. Starting at about 6:30 in the morning. The older ones prayed out loud simultaneously (but not together) for you guys on the way home from church. It was pretty cute if I say so myself.. We love you and we hope you feel us praying for you.

  6. I agree with Amy H. If it were up to Jessica, she would be calling all the time. She misses you so much at church. We are thinking about you and praying for you. We love you guys.

  7. You are in our thoughts and prayers! I showed my 9 year old daughter the website when you had the little ones and she requests to read it everyday and get an update. She prays for you all in the morning and at our diner prayer! We area thinking about you always! I know you don't know us, but thank you for letting us all take this journey with you!!!!
    God Bless
    Praying from WA
    Rachel Dreager

  8. I don't know if the pager thing will work from my cell phone.
    So I will send an extra prayer on here.
    You and the lil ones were in my daughters and my prayers since they were born and we will continue to pray for you and your family.

    Jutta Bretl, Solingen, Germany
    former Coconut Creek, FL resident

  9. Praying for you! Let us know if you need anything.

  10. I just ran across your blog! We will be praying for you and following your sweet babies. I have to say I know a set of triplets, one with a level 4 brain bleed living a very healthy and happy life!!! God is control, you are exactly right!

  11. thinking of you guys often.

  12. Praying and thinking of you and your sweet babies!


  13. God has your back. Mike


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