Friday, February 13, 2009

A Special Visit!

Wednesday night I got a special visit from some the kids at church! I was allowed to meet the kids in the waiting room for just a few minutes. Those of you who know me know I love kids and this is the longest I have gone without any interaction with them. The younger ones were a little confused thinking they were coming to the hospital to see and hold the babies. We had to try to explain that when the babies are born they won't get to see them right away because they would be very little and will probably have to live at the hospital for a little while. Others knew exactly what to expect, knowing I would be even bigger than when they had last seen me. "Daaannnggg Mrs. Heather your tummy looks like there's lot of bouncy balls in it!" was one comment.... thanks Mickey : )

Although it was stressed that no kids were to come if they were sick or had the slightest symptoms of starting to get sick, just to be safe we had them all sanitize their hands and wear special "Dr. Masks" which they got to take home!

Here is the BIG card they greeted me with that they all had signed!

These are a few cards they had made this past weekend. The ones at the bottom are of Bret and I. The second is one of my favorites, Miss Taylor (age 4) drew me and the babies in my tummy "I know there's four in there but I could only fit two..." she explained!
(Notice their legs hanging down with mine... love it!)



They also brought this blanket for our babies made by the Challengers (5th and 6th graders) at church. Around the entire blanket are tied knots and at each and every knot there was a prayer said for Bret and I and the babies. Thank you guys so so so much,
we love it and know the babies will too!

Kimmie, YaYa, Me, & Bethany

This is Mr. Ken and I doing the classic pose he's been doing for years now. Throughout my pregnancy we have been comparing tummies, congrats Ken I did finally outgrow you!

Thank you Ken, Kim, Bethany, & YaYa for bringing the kids up and thanks to the parents for letting them come!


  1. So sweet!!! Looks like it was lots of fun!!

  2. You are so loved! You and Bret are a real blessing to my life! Love Mom

  3. Looks like you had many people praying for you little quads! :)


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