Friday, February 20, 2009

Prayers Are Being Answered...

... PLEASE keep them coming!

Things are looking much better for the babies, even little Brody!

When we walked to our little "quad pod" in the NICU yesterday, it was lit up like one huge tanning bed, I said "Well, I guess we all have jaundice now!". They said yes they did, but it's expected and they are all fine. Brody's is the worst.

I know we didn't go into much detail on the last blog about Brody and his condition, we are still trying to learn ourselves. I still hesitate to try to explain for fear I will be giving the wrong info. For a while the doctors were very worried and were running out of options as to how to treat him. One thing they would do would affect another thing going on with him, this number would go up but cause this one to go down... and so on. The neonatologist said "he had them backed into a corner". While we were in the NICU Wednesday afternoon, the doctors asked us to leave and that they needed to work on Brody. We were told they tried another gas to help him and that the next 12 hours were very very crucial and things didn't look good. I broke down into tears and headed back to our room. Within 10 minutes our phone rang and it was his nurse, she said what they tried worked a tiny bit and his numbers went up slightly. Things were still bad, but they were possibly headed in the right direction. Tears of joy fell as we had a little bitty sign of hope. An hour later the neonatologist came to our room with a BIG smile on his face. He said they had checked his "blood gas" levels 3 times since that gas and his numbers were increasing tremendously! The gas they gave him usually doesn't work, especially on preemies, especially multiples. "For some reason", he said, "... it worked for him". I told him leave it to us and our babies to hit those less than possible percentages... that seems to be how things work out for us! They had to completely paralyze him so he couldn't move or try to breath on his own and the machines could do everything for him. Brody's levels have continued to be better over the last few days and he has been taken off several of the meds... YAY! He had a very large PDA in his heart that has COMPLETELY CLOSED! There is a chance it could open again, but it's good that is closed on it's own. We just got back from the NICU and found out they did a brain scan and one ventricle is at a level one (no bleeding) and the other is at a level 2 (with a small amount of bleeding). They will watch and recheck him on Monday, if it gets too much worse, they may have to look at brain surgery. Please continue to pray.

They have been talking for a few days now about Kylee, Korbin, and Baxlyn getting to eat. It was been pushed back due to the PDAs in their hearts, like Brody's (was) they are large. All three are on meds right now to try to help it, they will get 3 doses of it, one every 12 hours. The doctors will check tomorrow to see if they have gotten better.

We went in this morning and the nurses immediately told us that Baxlyn had good news for us, we rushed to her bed and ends up, she is on a nasal canula (a step up from the CPAP) and we *might get to hold her tonight :) ... YAY BAXLYN! Wednesday night Robert and Judy and I were in the NICU and standing in the middle of their beds I heard crying. It took a minute but I thought "Oh my gosh.... is that my baby... is one of my babies crying... well it has to be all of these babies are mine...!" I ran to Baxlyn's bed and sure enough she was letting us know she was ticked off at something!!! I knew she was on the CPAP at that time, but didn't realize that meant when she cried I could hear it. It was an awesome sound, but at the same time, it kinda breaks my heart a little because I know she isn't happy. Kylee is also a screamer, however she's still on the ventilator so we can't hear anything. It's like were watching a horror film on mute. Oh she can get mad! The nurses say both girls are very feisty!

Bret changed his first diaper (ever) yesterday on Baxlyn and while he did, she wore his wedding ring around her arm. Oh it was so sweet, I got some really good pics and will post them as soon as I can. They took Baxlyn's CPAP off for a bit and we got to see her with no wires on her face breathing and crying on her own completely.

Today we went and got pictures of Kylee wearing Bret's ring on her arm and she held mine in her hand :) again, pictures will be here when we get time.

Korbin is doing well and still on his ventilator. He's a calm little guy and handles his pricks and pokes well. They are always having to stuck his legs back into his little pouch, he likes to stretch out and "chill out".

We will let you go now, Channel 8 News will be here shortly. Not sure when they will be airing... you may want to watch or set your recorders. Bret and I will be going home tonight, not sure what time. Thank you again for all of your prayers, we cannot get enough. Things look ok now, but they change within minutes. Again, thank you and we will update you and post pictures soon!


  1. Praise the Lord you guys! I'm so glad to hear that things are looking better! I talked to Bethany this morning since I hadn't heard anything and she told me the good news and that the kiddos are improving. I'll be glad to tell Katherine when she gets home from school because she's constantly asking for you guys, especially little Brody. Please let me know if you need anything and we'll keep praying for you two and your gorgeous babies. Lots of hugs and love and can't wait to see the new pictures!

  2. So happy they are doing well! We will continue praying like crazy!!!

  3. We are all so tickled to hear that all the babies are doing so great! I will continue to Pray for you and yours until they are all at home safe and sound! I miss you guys and cannot wait to see the little guys! Tell my nieces and nephews Auntie Tish Loves Them!

  4. We will keep praying!!! And we are here if you need anything.

  5. What amazing little babies you have! We are praying for you all! Remember to take care of yourself so you can be strong for your kiddos! Can't wait to hear news of you holding your blessings!!!

    The Bryants

    They are giong to do great and Brody is on his way to much better days, i know it!

  7. Keeping you in my prayers. I enjoy reading updates and appreciate them when you can...but you have more important things to do. ;)

    Deanna in Kansas City

  8. thank you everybody :)

    -bret and heather

  9. We are glad to hear that they are improving! Contrats to both of you!!! We are keeping in touch w/ Bethel for updates and always checking blog and F.B. We have a lot of prayers going up here in Indiana!!!

    The Stubbs'

  10. Heather,
    Praying hard for ya;ll! I'm so happy Brody is doing better!


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