Saturday, February 28, 2009

Baby Steps...

That's what were taking! Things are looking a little better each day. Here's a short update.

We got the results back from Kylee and Brody's brain scans. Kylee's ventricle is still at a 4, but starting to absorb! Her other is still normal. The doctors are confident she will continue to get better. Brody's levels have remained the same (3 and 4) however, he does have fluid/blood between the two ventricles. The doctors will continue to measure his head and continue taking ultrasounds to monitor the swelling of his brain. If it continues to swell they may perform one (or more) spinal taps to try to relieve the pressure. We are not at that point just yet, but if we get there it's a pretty safe procedure. If for some reason he does have spinal taps and the fluid build up continues, we will explore the possibility of putting in a shunt. Brody's chest tube was removed on Friday and since then he is a little less swollen. He started eating Friday night and has done well at digesting his milk! YAY BRODY!

Mr. Korbin is off his CPAP and he is loving it! He is now eating 8cc's every feeding. Kylee and Baxlyn are on continuous feeds to help them digest a little better. Baxlyn is dealing with a little bit of reflux but nothing too concerning to the doctors. Kylee is no longer a glow worm, she has given that role to her sister now, as Baxlyn's jaundice has slightly come back.

Our prayer pager is constantly going off, thank you all for the prayers! We apologize for not being able to answer every call and respond to every text and voicemail. We appreciate the calls greatly, but are very busy trying to rest and be there with our babies as much as possible. We will update and post more pics again soon!

Bret and Heather


  1. I popped over from the Tubres and as I've scrolled though your previous posts I've been thinking wow these are some chunky monkeys! My 29 week 0 day singleton was 2pounds 2 ounces 13 3/4 inches and a SKINNY minnie. He was also born 2/16, but in 2007. Your guys and gals are looking so great! I'll be praying their brain swelling goes down on its own so you can avoid anything invasive. That's so exciting that Korbin is already off CPAP! I hope he can stay that way---it's such a lovely sight to go in for a visit and see their little face unencumbered by the CPAP. I was always distressed that the little head cap holding it in place was smashing his cute little ears. Good Luck! I'll be thinking of you!

  2. i have been saying lots of prayers for your little ones. i have triplets who were born at 29.2 weeks. today they are almost 20 months old and full of energy and spunk. one of my girls had a brain bleed (grade 2 with ares of grade 4), so i know what you are going through right now. if you need anything, please do not hesitate to send me an email (in my profile). sending up prayers, prayers + more prayers. rachael

  3. I HAVE BEEN THINKING OF YOU GUYS CONSTANTLY!! I am so proud of your little fighters!! It will get better!!! You guys are doing great. Im here if you need me, always. Love you XOXO

  4. Hi there. Found your blog through someone elses! Just called your prayer pager all the way from New Brunswick Canada! Your babies are beautiful, and I pray that they get well soon and can all come home!


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